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Apr 11, 2011 06:52 PM

Coconut flour


Does anyone know where you can find coconut flour in Montreal? I have a car so I can pretty much go anywhere in the greater Montreal area.


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  1. I see that Bob's Red Mill makes coconut flour... have you tried a health-food store or the health-food section of a large Loblaws?

    Here are some health-food store lists to try: &

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Yes I tried looking at Tau as well as different Loblaws and they seem to carry lots of Bob's Red Mill stuff but not coconut flour.

      Incidentally I saw one bag at Winner's of all places, but did not dare get it as the bag looked beat up and possibly opened.

      Thank you for those links, I will be sure to check it out.

    2. Have you found the coconut flour in MTL? I am looking for some too!

      1. we get it at young's on van horne and outremont
        it's pretty easy to find. i've seen it at different asian grocery stores
        and at natural stores

        1. Have you tried Akhvan in NDG or Pierrefonds? They have many ingredients required for Middle Eastern, Indian or Asian cuisine.
          What would you use coconut flour for?

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          1. re: Ruthie789

            it can be used in place of wheat flour to make gluten free or paleo recipes

          2. I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Rachelle-Bery on St-Laurent at Villeneuve.