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Where do you put your cutting board?

Right now mine are in the gap between the deep freezer and the washing machine in my kitchen. That is, the cutting boards are upright from the floor in that space.
I'm wondering, what is the "normal" place people store their cutting boards? I've seen them on the wall facing the sink in a couple of homes. That wouldn't work for me since the sink is a very splashy place and I'd hit the faucet when taking the boards out. I wouldn't just let them sit on the counter because of space issues

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  1. I put it upright on the counter next to the wall close to the sink. It really does not matter, as long as you keep it in a clean place.

    1. "Main" cutting board lives on the counter right next to the stove. Two more between the microwave and wall; and flexible mat boards in the cupboard. One 'out of rotation' but still very good board has become a home for p pper mills, oils, etc until I find a good home for it with someone else who needs one. I like having my cutting board next to the stove, but I have never been able to use just one at a time!

      1. Hi villanelle and Chem,

        On a shelf 6" below my butcher block. Along with my scale.

        Edited to add: Hi knet - we were typing at the same time!


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          I keep mine right on the counter next to the stove,ready to use.It weighs 22lbs and is 16"x24" so moving it around all the time is not an option(and it looks so purdy). :)

        2. Mine are on the counter leaning against the wall a couple of feet from the sink. I was wandering Bed, Bath, and Beyond once and found a stainless steel compact dish strainer, about 6" wide, that was on the clearance rack because the cutlery holder was missing. It's perfect for cutting boards because, while I towel them briefly after I wash them, there may still be a little dripping and the drainer lets air circulate.


          1. Hi, villanelle74:

            A better question is: "Why do we put up with cutting boards that are steps away from the hobs?"

            Having suffered in kitchens where the pull-outs are hither, thither and yon from the stove, and having stooped to pick up (note I'm not saying "tossing"! ;)) about 100,000 pieces of chopped vegetables, the only convenient place to be doing normal knife tasks is within a foot or two of whatever you're cooking in.

            In fact, if I could perfect a board that was stable enough on an articulated arm so I could just lift it and scoot the dice into the pan, I'd be a happy camper.


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              I like having mine near the sink. I have two veggie boards standing against the appliance garage on either side. The big one is held in place with a large cookie jar, that never has any cookies in it!

              The meat board is kept in the unit designed for cookie sheets and trays.

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                Hi, sueatmo:

                My pullouts are nearer the sink, too, darn it. I see the convenience of moving foods from washing to the board for cutting, but after they're chopped/minced/whatever (visualize sliced carrots and green onions rolling everywhere), what a hassle to boost them across the way to the stove! Guess I'd rather spill a little water at the front end than drop the food on the floor (and wash extra bowls).


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                  My sink is close to the cooktop. The appliance garage is between, so my boards are in both places really. But if I had to choose, I'd choose the sink. I totally relate to chopped food rolling around and some landing on the floor!

                  I've tried, in someone else's kitchen, those cutting mats. In theory they would be great for moving food. You could pick them up and carry them, contents and all, to the cooktop or stove. But I wasn't impressed with them as being a good cutting surface.

            2. Hey all you leaners: do what I do. Get a napkin holder and put your cutting boards in it.

              1. Mine are standing upright in a deep kitchen drawer in a rack that also holds baking sheets.

                1. My cutting boards are all stored vertically in a rack underneath my SS work table for easy access.
                  Each board is a different color to prevent any cross contamination and are used accordingly...yellow for poultry, blue for seafood, green for veg/fruit, brown for cooked foods, red for raw meat, and white for dairy. I also have a large wooden pastry board I use for pastry/bread/pasta making.

                  1. I have a heavy board that was meant for someone's countertop, but they rejected it because it had a dark streak on one side. This was a good 25 years ago. I bought it for a song, cut the backsplash off of it and asked my husband to drill two holes at the end of it for a good sized cabinet pull. Now it hangs on the wall, off my counters, until I need it. It's 30 in x 23 in - which makes it hard to keep anywhere else in my kitchen! With this method, you could even hang smaller ones from a sturdy pot rack if space is limited.

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                      Probably should clarify - this board I use for bread and pastry. I have the other food safe boards for cutting meats, veg, fish, etc. Those smaller boards are stored in a drawer after air drying - even though they're not wood, I want to make sure they're air dried well.

                    2. Mine sit on end behind the four quart glass mug that says "The Pot Lunt Ave Marble Club" purchased at a garage sale for a nickel. The mug / bowl holds all of my cooking spoons, spatulas, kitchen shears, can opener, etc. The weight of it holds my boards upright stacked smallest in front. They're near the stove at the end of a counter, out of the way.

                      1. I exclusively use plastic cutting mats on top of some of that squishy foam stuff that comes on rolls. Extra mats are stored in the space below the microwave, which is over the stove next to my prep area. I have about four extra ones within easy reach at all times.

                        1. The ones I use daily are stored vertically, wedged on the counter space between the microwave and the fridge. They are upright and close at hand.

                          I have several seldom used cutting boards - a large one with depressions for catching juice from roasts and such and some nicer models used for cheese course for parties. These are stored in the corner of a bottom cabinet.

                          1. Against my wife's wishes my cutting board stays on the island counter top where I do my food prep unless it's just be cleaned and is drying near the sink.

                            1. I just bought an 18x24, 2 1/4" Boos board...what a monster. Right now, it just sits on the counter...it too darn heavy to move around constantly.

                              1. I have 3 that are used regularly. The largest 2' x 4' rests i vertically between the stove and cabinet and is used for dishes that require lots of chopping. The 18 x 24 inch is always to the left of the stove for everyday cutting and small chopping. A third one that looks kind of like a peel, is set vertically on the counter about 3' from the sink. I use that for small jobs when my husband and I are both cooking.

                                1. I use a stainless steel cutting board stand on my counter top. I like it because I can store two boards face-to-face, so the inner faces (that I cut on) are protected from splashes. It also allows the boards to air dry after they are washed, preventing mold.

                                  Mine looks kind of like this:

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                                  1. re: tanuki soup

                                    That's very similar to the way I store mine.

                                    I have one of these:

                                    1. re: Novelli

                                      That's similar to the rack I use, and the rack stands in a deep drawer right next to my cooktop, two steps from the sink.

                                  2. Sorry I am late just found this web site. I have four flex sheets with labels, one hot board, one cheap poly board plastic and one wood board. All stand on counter between a wooden napkins holder that holds hot pad table protectors and the wall by my stove. My boards aren't fancy but they work for me..
                                    I had to down size while traveling full time in a RV? Now live in a smaller house so kitchen space is limited.

                                    1. I have a stainless prep table and that's where mine live, ready to go.

                                      1. They are stored in a tall cabinet next to the stove with other tall, thin things like cookie sheets, pizza stone, and broiler pan. The main board is usually on the counter or, after washing or oiling, in a little rack I made.

                                        1. Always out on the counter, next to the sink. Below it is a drawer that holds my knives in a slotted holder, and below that is a pull-out garbage can.

                                          Bench scraper (that lives with the knives) is all I need to transfer to the stove (across the aisle).