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Apr 11, 2011 04:59 PM

Norman Love's new place

i wrote a post and think it went into a black hole--so excuse me if this is redundant.

went there recently for coffee and had a banana-choc chip-almond muffin and both were great. also the service is terrific as there are about 2 staff for each customer.
anyway just wondering if anyone has been there yet?

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  1. What is the new place? Where is it?
    I assume the old place, the main chocolate store near the airport in Ft. Myers is still there?
    Every time I drive to Miami from Tampa Bay, I have to stop at Norman Love's for some of the best chocolate. Each piece is like a little piece of artwork.

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    1. re: Robert R

      The chocolate salon is still near the airport in Fort Myers, busy as ever.

    2. yes... do u mean the new store in naples?

      1. yes, the new place in Naples is across from Coastland Mall, in the same strip as USS Nemo rest.

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        1. re: Zeits

          havent been to the new one yet...
          have gotten my wife an assortment of his candies for an anniversary gift..
          oh my god they were good...
          (the ones i actually got to try)

          1. re: srsone


            I've been to the new Naples store twice already!

            Norman or his new associate are there in person. The demand exceeds the supply this first week, as everyone is pouring in to have a looki! It's a fun spot to have a latte, a pastry, and leave with tons of chocolates!

            I love it!