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Apr 11, 2011 04:16 PM

Estadio cheat sheet - what items have you tried?

SInce Estadio is so popular right now, I thought I'd start a cheat sheet for those wanting to know what to order, or not..... I put down two categories: would or would not order again.

I tried three items:

Wild ramps with romesco sauce: a killer sauce, will make anything taste great. Would order again, but I'd prefer green onions, the ramps are seriously hard to chew.

Mushroom fritters: eh, a bit lacking in flavor and too pasty. Would not order again.

Fava and almond dip: Gorgeous presentation, but no flavor at all. Would not order again.

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  1. Standouts:
    I wish I'd saved the menu - this is going from memory and looking at the current on-line menu

    Boquerones - if you like fresh anchovies - get these
    House Made Bread - worth every cent
    Cheeses. Other than the Cabrales, I no longer recall which ones I tried, but they were all good,

    We got the full charcuterie platter and shared. Nothing was bad, and the house made terrine was great
    Sherry Glazed Black Cod, Smoky Romesco - perfectly cooked

    All the following vegetable dishes were standouts:
    Grilled Scallions, Romesco & Sheep’s Milk Cheese
    Sautéed Pea Shoots, Olive Oil, Sea Salt
    Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Parsley, Garlic
    Blistered Shishitou Peppers

    Items that were ok, but not worth ordering again, IMO:
    House Marinated Olives - similar to what you’d get at Jaleo - skipable
    Spicy Marcona Almonds - ditto
    Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Gigande Beans, Morcilla & Chorizo
    Saffron Rice Pudding, Pistachio Brittle & Blackberries - surprisingly little flavor

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    1. re: crackers

      I also don't remember everything I got, but the montadido with goat cheese, tomato and salsa verde was amazing.

      1. re: crackers

        I agree the sherry glazed cod is excellent. I also loved the beet and goat cheese open face sandwich and the tortilla. But I think the surprise winner of the night was the kale. My friend and I were shocked at how good and simple this dish was.

      2. I LOVED the chorizo sandwich, it is a must-order. Would definitely reorder the tortilla, as well as the open-faced sandwich with manchego.
        Would not reorder the sauteed greens/spinach, or the pintxo including a boqueron.

        1. This is from last summer, but my hit list would include the blood sausage or chorizo sliders, the sweetbreads, and the tortilla espanola.

          Patatas bravas weren't special, and there was a puff pastry with triple cream and bacon that was off.

          1. Estadio has become my go-to restaurant for delicious food and great service. We were just there last night with a small group. If you're not familiar with spanish wines (I'm still learning) the servers can make great recommendations. Last night we ordered the Ostatu Crianza and it was a perfect red pairing for all the dishes we ordered. It was fruity, but with a smoky undertone, and I thought a perfect spring red for only $45.

            The Winners at Estadio (IMO):

            Ramps with Romesco Sauce. I do agree that ramps are hard to chew - so you kind of just have to make the thing into a circle and shove it all in your mouth, but it was DELICIOUS.

            Blood Sausage Bocadillo (no cheese). Served on a ciabatta role. A huge portion of blood sausage for the price and it was perfectly crispy and incredibly flavorful.

            Foie Gras/Duck Breast Montadito. We order this everytime we go and it is one of our favorite dishes we've ever tried. That being said, last night's was not phenomenal. The duck was not quite perfect.

            Pork Rillettes. Served with a to-die-for pairing of onion marmalade/jelly (?). With the grilled bread it is the perfect combination. Succulent rillete and the flavor pairing hits all taste buds.

            Grilled Octopus. This is my favorite dish. I think the potato-caper salad that comes with it is meh, but the grilled octopus is perfectly charred, slighly chewy, and an incredibly generous portion.

            Sweetbreads. The sweetbreads are always cooked to perfection and the combination of the sweetbread with the filet bean, the chunks of thick cut bacon, and the sauce lead to the perfect culinary dish IMO. This dish includes both perfect flavor pairings and perfect texture pairings.

            Slow Roasted Pork Belly. This was a first order last night and it wasn't for me, but DH loved it. I think you have to already love pork belly (including that pork belly texture). The broth was out of this world though and the chorizo was delicious with it. DH said he would def order again.

            The probably won't order again list:

            Fava Bean/Almond spread. I did find it had flavor, but I don't think it was worth ordering when there are other fantastic things on the menu. We were intrigued by the combination, but when it arrived we realized that it was likely dried favas instead of fresh. It came with some weird bread spear things which led to tons of extra dip and no more dipping instruments.

            Shishito Peppers. If you've never had them (or are looking for veggie options on the menu), then I would recommend ordering them. They are tasty little peppers. But, they are just that - simple peppers. I prefer Estadio's other offerings.

            Croquetas de Jamon. I had wanted these to be perfect and delicious. I dream of the croquetas I used to eat when I lived in spain. I was hoping that, given Estadio's ability to deliver amazing dishes that these too would be amazing. Sadly no. They were just fried logs of a not-so-tasty ham and cheese combo.

            1. I enjoyed the shishito peppers, but it's tough to mess that up.

              More votes pro-boquerones, pork rillettes, and the foie gras montadito. These were all quite fantastic. They often run out of the rillettes.

              The baby chorizos with potato crisps are fun and tasty, but they didn't rock my socks off (seems like a tasty snack you can make at home).

              The kale is tasty, not very spicy though, which was disappointing.

              The moscatel sherry float was tasty, but not very well balanced as a dessert. Too much alcohol, not enough float, or things-that-are-not-alcohol. If I want a bit of sherry, I'll order a bit of sherry. But I can't say I wouldn't order it again, haha, I'll just think of it as a really sissy drink next time or something.

              The spice grilled chicken is quite good, would def order again.