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Apr 11, 2011 03:15 PM

Intimate, non-show-off, but excellent restaurant in Montreal?


I'm looking for a nice place to celebrate an anniversary with my husband. We appreciate good innovative cuisine, and this is a special occasion, so we'd like a place with outstanding food. However, we are quite allergic to trendy, show-off places (anyplace where middle age men go to show off their mistresses and impress their business associates?... not our style at all). Plus, I'll be 8 months pregnant, so stilettos and hose are pretty much out of question.

Any suggestions for smaller intimate restaurants that might fit the bill? I'm thinking of something like the wonderful little Mas Cuisine, where you can go in jeans, but where the food is just amazing.


Mas Cuisine
3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

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  1. i was at jun-i tonight (pretty mediocre and overpriced actually) sitting at the bar and witnessed exactly that.. not to mention the guy loudly ordered about 50 pieces of nigiri for just him and his girlfriend (i guess it could have been his daughter)..

    i would recommend la chronique.. small, intimate, unpretentious but classy, amazing food...

    1. Club Chasse et Peche fits the bill (although the bill will be fairly large...)
      A completely different style but excellent food casa tapas

      1. Le P'tit Plateau. Marie-Anne/Duluth. BYOB. The owners are from Bordeaux. Delicious food. My new favorite restaurant in Mtl.

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          Le P'tit Plateau is excellent, but I wouldn't call it innovative cuisine. Not sure if Montreal is the right place for innovative cuisine as most places seem to specializing lately in a combination of bistro style french/quebecois comfort food. Nothing wrong with that of course.
          For upscale good food I can recommend Club Chasse et Pêche (or their newest venture Le Filet) and Tuck Shop.

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            Marie-Anne and Duluth run parallel.

          2. I had a great meal at "Le Grain de Sel" on the weekend. service was great, food was great. Wasn't terribly inovative but good wholesome bistro fair. If you go there you have to get the Boudin Noir. It was amazing. Not terribly expensive either. Will definately go there again

            1. anniversary + innovative kitchen sounds like Toque to me.

              the dining room is low key so none of the above issues to contend with. I don't think there's such a thing as intimate and innovative in this city though. And if you look half sharp, you can go out anywhere in jeans and fit right in, for better or worse ; )

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                I think you overestimate the capacity of an extremely pregnant women to effortlessly look sharp :) Toqué is certainly on our "to try" list, but we will probably keep it for a later anniversary.