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Apr 11, 2011 02:36 PM

weekend in philadelphia

I am driving to Philadelphia from NYC on Friday April 22. it will be Easter Weekend. I made reservations at Amis on Saturday night. But have also heard Matyson, Bibou and Fork might be good options.
I am looking for good lunch and breakfast spots, mostly...Also, any good but not too expensive dinner and lunch spots.
Any good, comfort-food type breakfast spots? Pancakes, eggs, etc
How's Village Whiskey? Or any gastropub-type spots?

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  1. yes, yes and yes!

    Village Whiskey is fantastic if you love burgers. But you gotta go at like 3:00 on a Sunday. Otherwise, a very long wait. There are seats at the bar, but it's still very small.

    Great comfort breakfasts can be found at Sam's Morning Glory, Honey's Sit n Eat, Green Eggs Cafe and Silk City Diner. These are all in different neighborhoods, so it really depends on where you want to be. And they will have waits as well since Brunching has become as popular here as it is in NYC.

    One of my favorite spots for great beer, food and atmosphere, is Varga Bar. Nice crowd, good service. If the weather is nice, all the walls will be open (they're huge windows). If you're gonna be here around 4 or so on Friday, they have a sick happy hour.

    1. Reading Terminal Market (the Dutch Eating Place for pancakes and apple dumplings or DiNic's for roast pork sandwiches) would be a great Saturday option.
      You may also want to consider brunch at Parc.

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        Brunch at Parc is a good option, it's tasty and they take reservations. Also, a great place for brunch is Kanella, and you can make a reservation there as well.

        Brunch places that don't usually have a wait (or much of one) and are good: Cafe Estelle, Catahoula, Royal Tavern, and 10th Street Pour House.

        I would stick with Amis. It's definitely one of my favorites in town.