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Apr 11, 2011 12:31 PM

Suggestions for Best Meat (Omaha)

I will be in Omaha for a few days, with a car, and was wondering where i could eat the best meat. I'll be staying on South 15th St (right near the Iowa border, i think), so i don't know if that's any help. (but i have a car, so anywhere is great) I want to eat the best, most tasty, most tender meat Nebraska has to offer. Any suggestions?


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  1. Do you want a butcher shop or a restaurant?


      Raw and cooked/prepared fare.

      They make in-store various cold cuts for sandwich making, various in-house sausages, etc.

      Awesomely good stuff with their in-house ovens, etc.

      The best-quality meats used.

      Made many super-yummy sandwiches with their large selection of in-house sliced-to-order cold cuts.