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Dinner suggestions for 2 nights

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Coming from NYC for 2 nights
going to girl and the goat
so i need 1 more suggestion for the other dinner
looking for a casual place with great food a la gatg
possibly longman and eagle or avec
i know both don't accept reservations
right now i'm leaning toward avec
i would either go on a sunday or monday (ideally after 6)
but don't want to wait an hour
i'm willing to go early (4:30pm - 5:30pm)
will there still be a wait for a table?
any other suggestions will be much appreciations
thanks in advance

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  1. I suspect you'd be able to walk right in if you get to either place by 5:00, especially since it's not a Friday or Saturday night. For more specific advice, check out this Tribune photo-essay on likely waiting times at the city's most crowded places: http://chicago.metromix.com/restauran...

    I haven't been all that impressed with the food at Avec, although I know others like it. I haven't been to L&E.

    If I wanted to eat at a casual place with great food, in or near downtown, these would be my top picks:

    Sable (contemporary American, River North) - www.sablechicago.com
    Mexique (contemporary Mexican, West Town - closed Mondays) - www.mexiquechicago.com
    Salpicon (contemporary Mexican, Old Town) - www.salpicon.com

    One more that's a bit further from downtown:

    Deleece on Southport (contemporary American, Lakeview) - www.deleece.com