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Apr 11, 2011 10:27 AM

Freeze hollandaise sauce?

I have 8 egg yolks and would like to make hollandaise and freeze it. I have tried to freeze egg yolks before and was not successful. I am wondering if anyone has ever frozen hollandaise and found the quality of the sauce to be good enough to make it worthwhile. TIA for any help.

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  1. The only egg emulsion I have ever tried to freeze was homemade mayonnaise, and the result was not pretty. (It separated and never came together again.) Maybe there's a trick to this, but I think I'd make something else with those eggs, like a cake. The Southern classic lane cake calls for lots of egg yolks.

    1. i can't see this working. you could make a custard or mousse though and that will freeze more successfully.

      1. I remember hearing somewhere that in order to freeze egg yolks or whole beaten eggs or whites you need to add either salt or sugar (depending on what the end expected use is) to them before freezing. I don't know about hollandaise but if you just want to freeze the yolks, try this.

        1. Not sure about Hollandaise, but I did keep some extra Bernaise but I didn't freeze it. Since its also a butter emulsion it should be similar.

          Anyways, I just stuck the sauce in an airtight container and tossed it in the fridge. It solidified into essentially a giant lump of butter. I reckon if butter can keep in the fridge then so can my Bernaise.

          Then comes the reheating part. Use ultra low heat. I think it becomes more delicate after refrigeration. Anyways, the first time i just lopped off a chunk and tossed it in my pot and stuck it on low. It separated.

          The second time, i cut it up into small cubes and put my pot on the lowest setting and continually stirred it until it melted and then whisked it. I had to keep pulling the pot off the heat to regulate the temp, but it worked.

          FYI. Not sure if it makes a difference or not but the original sauce was made with clarified butter.

          1. DO you have an ice cream maker?

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              No. I keep planning to buy one but have yet to do it. Were you going to suggest making a custard based ice cream?