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Apr 11, 2011 09:18 AM

Mae Ploy Curry Paste?

Does anyone know where I can buy Mae Ploy curry paste? I haven't seen it since I've moved here (to DC), and am willing to drive to MD or VA if necessary!

I miss my curry so any help would be much appreciated!!

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  1. I'm surprised you can't find it anywhere. Try an H Mart. The Catonsville (Baltimore suburb) H Mart has it in plastic containers, not tin cans. I prefer Mae Ploy over Maesri because I find Mae Ploy's blends more pungent. E.g., the Mae Ploy panang curry paste contains shrimp paste while the Maesri panang curry paste does not.

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      1. re: agarnett100

        Thanks for your suggestions! And yes, bmorecupcake, I've actually only ever had Mae Ploy (out of the plastic containers) and love it! I will have to check H Mart out - to be honest, I haven't been looking too hard...

        Is there anywhere in DC that may sell it?

        1. re: Megan8178

          I know they have it (along with any other Thai ingredient you could possibly need) at Duangrat Oriental Food Mart in Bailey's Crossroads, VA.

          1. re: Megan8178

            You can try Hana Japanese Market:-U Street
            Thats the only asian market I know inside the district

      2. Super H Mart will always have this product. You'll want to mix it with coconut milk and palm sugar if you're making any kind of Thai curry. Good luck!!

        1. I've seen it (many types) in the plastic tubs at Eden Center (the grocery store there). I live in the District, so would steer you in the city if I knew of a place. I went to Hana last week, didn't see it there, but wasn't looking for it at the time. If you find it in DC, let me know, would save a trip!