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Apr 11, 2011 08:47 AM

America's Next Great Restaurant, Spoilers, 4/10/11

(I don't think anyone wrote this up)

They go out in food trucks for this episode and somehow, no one's walking down Sunset Blvd. What was up with that? And Spice Works ends up making a taco and Curtis says he should be served humble pie cuz it was great. Does seem to make sense coming from a truck. Soul Daddy sold the most even tho he used canned beans, blech. If you really couldn't find fresh, wouldn't you grab the frozen ones (or switch veggies)? The Grill team did well, healthy gal not so much and Joey Meatballs' layout was all wrong even with the new name. Poor Sinners and Saints failed miserably. I missed her bad interactions with the new chef but two bad dishes and out she goes. I think Joey's gone next unless something really turns around.

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  1. The meatball guys marketing sense is so awful.. The images that were on his truck were embarrassing.. It's like he typed in Grandmas meatballs into google images and put the first 5 images on his truck.. I think that the Indian guy has the best concept of the bunch and is something that could really work in todays market..

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    1. re: SDGourmand

      Yeah: those were some awful representational photos, weren't they? It reminded me of those cheap Chinese restaurants with a laminated menu that displays really, um, un-photogenic food. As for the rest of it: My call is Spice Works or Grill'Billies, which are getting the most play and seem like solid marketing concepts. I was sorry to see Saints and Sinners go; I liked that concept as well, but she really needed to refine what she was doing and seemingly lost confidence in herself by second-guessing her choice of chefs. Speaking of whom, that guy was a total bust - quite patronizing to the woman who'd just employed him, IMO.

    2. OK...Deep breath

      So actually this was probably the best episode yet..I know not saying much.
      That being said I have really started pulling for the Spice Coast Indian concept. In my last comment on this show I stated how because of the d bagishness of the Chipotle guy I would not eat in his restaurant again. Well I broke down and did and funny thing ...He is railing on contestants about using certain ingredients yet at both the Chipotle I went to there was a sign saying how there chicken supplier was out of free range chickens...guess they ran away they had to buy processed chicken. You or at least I could taste the difference. The other thing is one of the times this week I ordered a chicken burrito with rice ,black beans,Guacamole,sour cream, and chicken. ...somehow they rolled in a way that the first half was all rice and beans next quarter was the guacamole and sour cream and last quarter was the chicken.

      sorry got off track there a bit but my point is this guy is an A hole and has so soured me on his company.

      1. I'm with the crowd; I like the Spice one best. Love Indian food, but you can really have to search for it, and then plan a whole sit-down event. I'd love a "fast" Indian restaurant. He seems to have his act together and be progressing in a way to make the investors happy. There are a million restaurants selling ribs and fries. I don't see GrillBillies as anything especially new or innovative.

        1. Saints and Sinners made a huge mistake by thinking she could serve mac and cheese from a truck. Mushy pasta, and I imagine, grainy cheese -- this could never hold up in a bain marie. The meatball guy has made my skin crawl from the very beginning, starting out with the name of his concept. I would never, in a million years, eat at a place called Saucy Balls, and then when I saw that sandwich sitting in the LA sun, with a scribble on a styrofoam container written in ballpoint pen, I just had to gasp and wonder, what is he thinking?

          I believe that Spice Coast is really onto something. Also, his Indian cuisine can conceptually be very tasty while having very low food costs, so I think he will surely be the winner. What's more, out of all of the contestants, he seems to be the only one who can actually cook well, and understands the food he is preparing.

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          1. re: pitterpatter

            Good point and he seems to have a solid grasp on financing as well. He has grown a lot in the short time that the show has been on.

          2. i have one MAJOR complaint about this show. week after week, the investors complain about two things:
            1) people not being willing to take their advice about their concepts
            2) lack or originality and want of a new concept


            1. health food place with set caloric values listed clearly on the menu for easy calorie counting selection---> "mediterranean food with fresh ingredients" when would you NOT want to use fresh ingredients when makin medi food?
            2. southern tapas ---> grilled food. a incredibly interesting concept becomes the most safe and unimaginative idea on the show
            3. heaven vs hell food---> kicked off. not because of a bad concept, but because they couldnt give her a chef that could turn out good decadent food??? i mean really. take a chef and tell them they have unlimited calories to just make something that tastes delicious??

            the one that really blows my mind is grill billies. i liked their idea, but they just needed coaching on how to make a tapas meal out of southern food

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            1. re: mattstolz

              I agree that the judges are making everything run of the mill. Must everything be in a taco or sandwich format? Who are these people that are walking around eating all the time? Personally I'd love a fast casual place that serves a nice meal that I can sit and enjoy. I think Curtis was right on that one.

              I loved the COMPLEAT idea with set caloric options, this whole medi concepot is not even close to the idea that Stephanie started out with, it completely morphed into something bland and generic.

              I did love the idea of grill billies, or hicks, but I really do not feel the contestants get the food at all. On another post someone said they were just two city people who they could be cool and ironic and make southern food but they do not get the food at all. Fortunately they seem to have a good chef. For southern food, I would definitely fo to Soul Daddy's instead (except for the canned green beans)!

              1. re: AmblerGirl

                I too didn't understand the canned green beans. The only vegetable worse in a can is peas.

                1. re: AmblerGirl

                  :must everything be in taco format?:

                  just makes it that much harder to believe that they got rid of the guy whos idea was to take anyone elses concept and put it in a taco! followed by suggesting the indian guy make a taco the next week!!

                  also, i would love to see someone who can successfully walk around and eat a chipotle burrito without getting it everywhere.

                  as for hicks: they may not have understood the food very well, but i feel like that is why you have 1) expert investors 2) chefs!

                2. re: mattstolz

                  I thought that the heaven v. hell failed this week not because the chef couldn't turn out good food. As far as I can tell Sandy chose the menu items and the mac & cheese, especially, didn't work in the food truck environment. Plus her "heaven" dish was brisket without bbq sauce. That just sounds boring and dry. I don't think it was the chef here. It was an unfleshed out concept. Which is too bad because I really liked Sandy.

                  1. re: chicgail

                    this is true i guess... but at the same time i guess i also think it is part of the chefs job to understand that a food like mac n cheese will do poorly when held in a food truck... or that brisket without sauce would be boring

                    1. re: mattstolz

                      Clearly it was everyone's mistake. But as the restaurant owner, Sandy does have to be ultimately accountable on a whole lot of different levels.