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Apr 11, 2011 08:22 AM

Savory crepe fillings. Your ideas, please?

In my new effort to try to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes, I'm thinking I need to add crepes to the menu. They're easy to make, and from what I hear, fridge/freeze well.

The trick: what to put in/on them.

Any thoughts on some interesting, quick, and affordable (read: cheap) fillings for dinner crepes... especially if they happen to include standard pantry items?


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  1. If I can put it in a soft taco/tortilla, I put it in a crepe. I have used peppers, mushrooms and cheese. I've used canned caponata mix (sort of an eggplant spread). I've used very well drained cooked sausage and avocado....depends on what I have on hand. Sky's the limit.

    1. Since asparagus is in season now, I'm making steamed asparagus with ham and a Gruyere sauce. I also like ratatouille and goat cheese.

      1. Yes, crepes freeze well. Some recipes don't call for separating them before freezing, but I've found that a little wax paper between helps, especially if you have a large pack that you only want to grab four or six from.

        If you make flavored crepes, you've got a head start. Frozen spinach, defrosted and squeezed, or any fresh herbs like basil, dill or chives work great. I've made curry crepes that go well with leftover chicken in a cream sauce with peas.

        I haven't tried, but you've got me thinking about using tomato paste or roasted red peppers. Either of those would be good with a quick saute of all the fresh vegetables soon to hit the stands or our CSA baskets.

        PS I never use milk in my crepes, always plain seltzer water. Seems to make them lighter, especially when adding heavy ingredients like spinach.

        1. Shrimp (I get a 5 pound bag of frozen shrimp on sale and defrost as needed. Very affordable and quick protein), sauteed mushrooms and spinach, diced tomato, capers and a lemon garlic butter.

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            Make tuna noodle casserole, but instead of mixing it with noodles, use the creamed tuna as a filling for crepes. It's really good. Salmon would would work in place of the tuna, too.

            And for dessert, you can use cottage cheese and canned fruit to fill them with. Or a smear of cream cheese with a bit of jam or some fresh fruit.

          2. Some deli-type sandwich fillings go well in crepes. We have a crepe restaurant nearby, and I've had the turkey/swiss crepe. There was a ham and cheese option. A light chicken salad would probably work well.

            I haven't made crepes in awhile, but frequently make wraps. Now I'm thinking of making crepes again!