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Apr 11, 2011 08:15 AM

West 50 Pour House in Mississauga Review + Pics!

I've been on chowhound for a long time but finally got to post up a review! Hope this is helpful:)

Couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were going to Square One to do some shopping. I really didn't want to eat at the restos there (I used to work across from Square One so grabbing a bite there was the quickest option!). Instead, a coworker from my prev job recommended West 50 Pourhouse, also near Square One.

I'm going to be honest, I was a bit skeptical going in, as I usually am with a chain/group of restaurants. I couldn't find much reviews/pics online but I liked the fact they had an extensive drinks menu and boasted a lot of beers on draft (although some reviews online did suggest that not all of them would be available all days).

We went in for a very late lunch, I think it was almost 2 p.m. so I wasn't expecting the place to be packed. There were a few groups of people dining.

We ordered a few drinks and went straight to the main. I had their bacon wrapped filet mignon and my husband had the jambalaya.

Both were REALLY good! My steak was moist and flavourful and a good variety of textures on the plate. My husband quite enjoyed his jamabalaya. His dish was served piping hot. The only feedback was mine could have been even hotter.

I really wanted to make room for dessert but I was stuffed, plus in a few hours we were heading to the Wine and Cheese show in Mississauga so we left it there. If we're in this end of town, we hope to be back!

For complete pics, please see here

Would love to know what you guys thought!

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  1. Great pics, thanks for the review. I have only been there for drinks/dancing before but sounds like the food is pretty good, and the pics do look tasty

    1. Beautiful pics, makes me want to do a road trip to Mississauga.

      1. The food is good but I've generally found the portions on the small side considering the price

        The best part about the place is the beer list, boasting over 50 kinds. although they always seem to be out of Denison's every time I ask!

        Used to be alot better when they showed the UFC, which they've since cheaped out of.. don't bother going at night anymore unless you want to hang out in a crowded sweaty bar with 19 year olds listening to an obnoxious DJ playing rap music all night.. Very loud and cheesy atmosphere at night. You'd never believe it by looking at the pics in the OP's review but it's all teenagers there by evening

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          yes - that's what I read from the reviews online too so we stayed away from going friday night!!

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            I agree - the portions are on the small side for what they charge. More importantly I found the ambiance to be zero. The interior is dark and uninviting, poor table placement, and generally run down looking. The patio could be a cute space, but is dirty and unattractive, overlooking the traffic on Burnhamthorpe Road. It's basically a place to smoke and have a beer while doing so. The service we received was next to non existent. It took 20 minutes before anyone arrived at the table, and another 20 to drop off two beers from a bar no more than 30 feet away. Food came quickly, but we had to wait to wait for cutlery after the dishes were placed. We were asked if we wanted fresh pepper - it never arrived. My husband asked for a lemon wedge for his schnitzel, and it never came either. Our second beer we ordered was delivered after we'd finished our meals. At this point we began to wonder if our waitress had gone home for the evening. Finally another server arrived to take our dessert order, after about a 1/2 hour waiting.
            I have no need to ever return.

          2. The original comment has been removed