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Apr 11, 2011 05:21 AM

Your Favorite Frozen Food Products

I was never big on using frozen food until recently, but I've found a few products that I'm going to keep stocked:

1. William Sonoma Chocolate Croissants--about as close to Paris without flying there.

2. TJ's Frozen Mango Chunks--Eaten frozen they taste like a mango popsicle and they are low in calories.

3. TJ's Dorot frozen cubes of garlic and basil--love them

4. TJ's frozen brussel sprouts--for some reason they haven't been in stock for over a month, but they are sweet and delicious.

5. TJ's sliced frozen peppers--these are great to add to omelets, stir frys, etc.

Any products you can share?

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  1. Peas, peas, peas. Great to add to Thai dishes, risottos (risotti?), or have as a salad mixed with peanuts and mayonnaise. I *always* have frozen peas in the freezer. The other thing I always have is a selection of berries so I can run up a summer pudding if I suddenly find loads of people coming for supper. The juice runs fast from frozen fruits, so they are ideal. Oh. And ice cream....... I always seem to have bags of frozen breadcrumbs, which I couldn't live without. I live in a town that has no decent baker, so when I see good breads I buy them and cut them up and freeze them. The rest of the freezer seems to be home made stock! But that's different. Peas, peas, peas for me!

    I also (though I shouldn't admit to this) keep a pack of my husband's cigars (well, cigarillos I suppose). He occasionally wants one late at night and without warning, so it's nice to go there and fish them out. It keeps them fresh as it might be six months before he wants one and can't find one. So there's usually a packet of Hamlet lurking among the blackberries and redcurrants. Not what you want to hear I suspect!

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      Can you tell me more about the breadcrumbs? Are you taking the leftover bread that became stale and freezing it in cubes and then turning into breadcrumbs. Ashamed to say that I've never made breadcrumbs.

      1. re: DaisyM

        I've just done this recently for the first time. Leftover bread, sliced and dried out on low heat in the oven, and then broken into smaller pieces and crushed in a ziplock bag (and transferred to another, as I feared breakage on that one). I stuck that in the freezer. Really easy to do. I'm going to do it again with some leftover ciabatta today or tomorrow.

        1. re: haiku.

          I don't even dry mine out in the oven. Once the bread has got past the really fresh stage I just whizz it in a processor and put it in a bag and thence into the freezer. I suppose that is because I generally use fresh rather than dried breadcrumbs anyway. That's because I am English (?) and so I don't do Southern Fried Chicken type dishes - more things like escalopes dipped in egg and breadcrumbs or I might grate courgettes (zucchini) when there are masses of them, mix it with egg and Parmesan cheese and then roll balls of the mix in 'fresh' breadcrumbs and fry them - or left over risotto, again, boudn with egg and then rolled in 'fresh' breadcrumbs and fried - oh heaven. The remains of asparagus risotto after a night in the fridge. Mmmm.

      2. re: Foodlexi

        I'm with you on peas, and also love to have a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer. I can defrost a handful in just a few minutes for a quick dinner.

        1. re: Foodlexi

          I agree about frozen green peas. And I like to have a bag of Wyman's frozen wild blueberries in the freezer. And I usually have a bag of frozen corn. I add corn to chillis and bean dishes. Sometimes I even cook some of it.

          1. re: sueatmo

            Frozen peas
            Frozen corn
            Pictsweet Family size frozen spinach...easy to just grab a handful or 2 and nuke or add to whatever
            WF 365 house brand of frozen organic wild blueberries
            Not really into frozen meals but I keep one or two at work for lunch on those 'just in case' days...Organic Bistro Salmon Patty with rice and pea blend on the side, really delish, very low in sodium and all the other nastiness involved in frozen foods

          2. re: Foodlexi

            Another vote for frozen peas. Great addition to so many things, a salad, a soup, a stew, or tossed in the pasta water for the last few minutes... Sometimes when I'm coming home tired I'll get plain rice from the Chinese place across the street for a dollar, and just have peas & rice with butter. Very comforting.

          3. Peas and shrimp and some frozen fruit.

            Have you tried the Trader Joe's version of the chocolate croissants? Very similar to the WS version, many speculate it is the same bakery. Long thread on 'chowhound.

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            1. re: JudiAU

              I LOVE the frozen chocolate croissants from TJ. They also have a small frozen apple blossom that is to die for!! I hate to admit to using these frozen products but the other good thing about them is that I can actually limit myself to just ONE!!

            2. Ditto on the TJ mango chunks. Hubby is from India, and even he prefers the frozen mango chunks to fresh. On a really hot summer day, a semi-thawed bowl of chunks is heavenly.

              1. Baby peas--always keep a couple bags in the freezer;
                Peach chunks--strawberries for smoothies and oatmeal;
                Stouffer's lasagna (great when I don't feel like cooking);
                Stouffer's spinach souffle (I use it to stuff boneless chicken breast);
                Shrimp for a quick meal;
                Friendly's ice cream.

                1. I agree with the peas. A recipe in the new food and wine (pea and bacon risotto) calls for frozen peas, which I found interesting....since you can find fresh ones now at the farmers markets.
                  But it does call for fresh pea shoots. Can't wait to make it.
                  Thanks for the frozen mango idea. That sounds heavenly!

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                  1. re: perk

                    I also agree with the peas. And pearl onions, which I don't like to peel fresh. Also, Walmart carries huge bags of various types of stir fry vegetables and packets of sauce, which are quite good, and will be supper in 10 minutes in a pinch, so I always have at least one of those in the freezer. Lots of price chopper large cans of orange juice. At least 6 bags a week of mixed berries for breakfast smoothies. At least 4 packages of frozen chopped spinach, which I use to make spinach meatballs from Gina's skinny kitchen. A couple of weight watcher friendly frozen meals to take to work for lunches in a pinch. A couple of kinds of sausages...right now, a chicken andoiulle and a locally made sweet italian sausage. Several bags of shredded Mexican blend and Italian blend 2% cheeses. A huge zip loc about 1/2 filled with several smaller zip locs full of different kinds of nuts. A bottle of Limoncello. Ice. Princess and "Cars" ice packs. A boo-boo bunny.