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Apr 11, 2011 01:36 AM

Le Mura Ristorante in Capalbio

I am trying to find review or any more info on this restaurant. It's a small place in the town ot Capalbio in the Maremma part of Tuscany. Any other good restaurants you know of would be helpful too in the area. But really want to know more about Le Mura.

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  1. We were in Capalbio (a beautiful town, by the way) for a few days this past summer and ate at several restaurants within the city walls, but not this one. All the restaurants had similar menus (heavy on roasted meats) and all were good but really stood out above the rest.

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      the three recommended by Gambero Rosso in Capalbo are Il Frantoio,La Selva,Da Maria. cmm2 do you know which restaurants you visited?

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        adding links. there is a little piece (2007) about La Mura which you can view through the link provided. Made Michelin for 2008 but no longer. 4 tables. Sounds cute if it is still there. Some of the others look worthy.

        Il Frantoio
        Piazza Provvidenza, 10, Capalbio Grossetto, Toscana 58011, IT

        La Mura
        Piazza Magenta,7, Capalbio, Toscana 58011, IT

        Da Maria
        Piazza C. Giordano,3, Capalbio, Toscana 58011, IT

        La Selva
        Localita Selva Nera,, Capalbio, Toscana 58011, IT

    2. If I remember well the name I've been at Le Mura last year for happy hour and it was nice, especially for the location.
      You can bring your drinks and little dishes outside staying close to the ancient wall. It was quite crowded during summer.
      Sorry I can't tell you anything more about the restaurant.

      Il Frantoio is a cute and lovely place also for breakfast and lunch!

      Il Frantoio
      Piazza Provvidenza, 10, Capalbio Grossetto, Toscana 58011, IT