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Apr 10, 2011 11:54 PM

Rimal and locations and Noura

Does Rimal have more than one location? If so, which one is better or are they all equally the same?

I love Lebanese cuisine and have been trying to decide which restaurant to try. Noura's locations are confusing.

Anyone have any thoughts on Rimal?

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  1. Rimal restaurant is at 54 bd. Malesherbes, at the intersection of Bd. de Courcelles near Parc Monceau. The food is good, although I find that the food in most Lebanese restaurants here, including at Noura, tastes mostly the same. Rimal Traiteur is across the street from the restaurant and also has seating indoors and out. Noura Pavilion is in the av Marceau. It is rather formal. There are 2 Noura traiteurs just up the street from it, one of which has seating indoors and out. Again the food is fine. For exceptional Lebanese food, I go to Liza in rue de la Banque.

    1. Noura has two locations one is Noura and the other is Noura Pavillion. I have been to Noura in London which was simply amazing. The food was extremely good and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The same owner owns all the restaurants. We will be trying one or both of these restaurants while we are here in Paris.

      A Lebanese conciege recommended Liza in the business district to us today. We went to Liza for lunch today and it was wonderful. Their Toum garlic sauce was incredible. As the toum at Noura's in London is melt in your mouth perfect.

      My son is 1/2 Lebanese and raved about the TOUM at Noura's in London so he turned me on to it. You must try it!

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        Noura has more than two locations in Paris aside from Noura and Pavillon Noura on avenue Marceau. There's also one on boulevard du Montparnasse, one on boulevard des Italiens, and they also have a location on the top of the Institut du Monde Arabe (Zyriab). Plus one in Marne-La-Vallée.

        Liza is indeed very good.

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          So it sounds like just plain Noura on Ave Marceau is the less formal one, right? Do you think it would be OK to bring children there? Thanks.

          1. re: Danielcjr

            I think you could take children to any of the restaurants, we went to the Noura in London with a 5 year old and it was no problem. The Noura in London is very nice and pricey. If you want to keep your child occupied a bit while enjoying the dinner the Restaurant that is on a high rise building would do the trick.

            1. re: Diehardokie

              Funny you mention this as I had initially thought that Le Ziryab (the Noura branch on top of the Arab World Museum) would be too formal, but if not I think my kids would LOVE it. Thanks very much for the heads up!