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Apr 10, 2011 10:54 PM

Staying at Encore for 40th girls only bday weekend

I wanted to see if any of the 22 restaurants between Encore and Wynn were worth a birthday dinner with the girls? I've read a couple of posts that seem to indicate that the casinos are cutting back so not worth the money? I'm open to kinds of food, but leaning towards either Japanese, Italian, or really good steak...

Otherwise, if not there, where? I don't want to say money no object, but I do want a nice dinner!

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  1. Most of the restaurants at the Strip hotels are not owned by the hotel/casinos and are leased spaces.

    1. SW in Wynn is very good. And would be a good scene for your party. If I were you though I would head over to the Cosmopolitan and eat at Jaleo. The Cosmo is the place to be at the moment and Jaleo is really a great restaurant with a cool vibe.

      While I love Wynncore and what they have done for that end of the strip the excitement level is hardly anywhere near that of the Cosmo.

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        Other than e by Jose Andres, I was not impressed by The Cosmopolitan. Found the casino too dark, and didn't care for the shops. It's the first place where I definitely felt too old.

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          Any other reviews of Jaleo, is it a high dining experience or more casual?

          1. re: jwurz

            Jaleo is casual dining. e by Jose Andres (the restaurant inside of Jaleo) is fine dining.

        2. So it's a couple weeks before we are heading out, and I have made some reservations at Bartolotta (Saturday night) and Jaleo (Friday night) - at Bartolotta, I was thinking the Menu di Paranza @$140/person, but any suggestions on a better option? Maybe it's too much food for 3-4 women?