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Apr 10, 2011 10:22 PM

Seeking a source for schmaltz in the Morristown area

ACK! Several friends and I are working together to do a passover seder, each making several items, enough to share for all. (this way none of us have to make the entire meal!) I am all set with great recipes courtesy of a helpful Bubbe, but cannot find schmaltz anywhere! I know there has to be someplace that has it for sale. (I have tried using oil in the matzoh balls, but it was just not the same.) Anyone know of a local source for schmaltz? Thanks!

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  1. This Shicksa makes it. Get chicken skins from a local butcher or poultry farm and just render them and render them. Start with some water in the pan, the end result is crisp chicken skin called something with a g, and great schmaltz. Learned it from a great Kosher chef.

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        you can also add a small amount of chopped onions for a bit more flavor.