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What Should I Do With 2 LBs Almonds

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We went past an amazing farmstand near Santa Cruz this weekend and bought 2 lbs of almonds (not roasted). Besides eat them by the handful, what should I do with them? Realistically, I can't see myself taking the time to rub off the skins.

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  1. Definitely roast them. Dip some in chocolate. Actually, dip them in chocolate twice.

    1. Biscotti. I posted my favorite in this thread. It calls for hazelnuts but I use almonds and don't peel them.


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        I second the motion about biscotti. My wife always uses almonds when she bakes biscotti.

      2. Nut butter! Toast them, leave the skins on (or rub them in a kitchen towel to get the worst off), and whirl them in the food processor.


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            I divvy up the giant Costco package of almonds and vacuum seal one cup at a time with my Food Saver gadget. They'll keep this way in the freezer for a very long time.

          2. Make your own almond milk. Also, there's always almond brittle.