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Apr 10, 2011 08:50 PM

Purees/Smoothies for a sick friend

Hi All,

I have a friend who is terminally ill and at this point he can only eat things of a pureed/smoothie consistency. if it's the wrong consistency, it could be difficult for him to eat

Do any of you have ideas for some tasty concoctions? He is a foodie, so a good recipe would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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  1. I always enjoy orange, strawberry, banana smoothies to which I add, not necessarily at the same time, soy protein powder, bee pollen, royal jelly, greek yogurt etc..... I would highly recommend he look into wheatgrass juice as well. Wheatgrass is packed with nutrients.

    1. fresh green pea soup with mint.

      carrot soup with cardamom.

      cantaloupe and pear with soy or almond milk.

      gazpacho without spiciness.

      blueberry and ginger with yogurt.

      1. Sounds like you're a good friend, Tim.....

        Some nice smooth favorites:

        White gazpacho- blend in the grape and cucumber garnishes that usually float in the soup. Here's a good basic recipe:

        Blended roasted garlic and white bean soup. Or heck, just roasted garlic soup.

        Cream of (whatever vegetable is looking good) soup.

        Peanut butter and banana smoothie.

        African sweet potato and groundnut soup, blended:

        Pureed Indian Dal.

        If the consistency of anything is too thin, some options:

        Add a little Thick-it powder (

        Cook a little bit of liquid that will not curdle with cornstarch, then add to the rest of the liquid.

        For cold items, like the gazpacho, a little gelatin can help it set up firmer without turning solid as well.

        To make things thinner is a little easier- add water or any flavorful liquid, and adjust seasoning as needed.

        1. First, has he recently had chemo or radiation? If so, either can radically change taste perceptions, like meat can taste metallic, or normally sweet things can taste sour or spoiled. Some patients also can't tolerate certain smells or textures, so be careful to start with just a tasting menu. So, do a few experiments. The American Cancer Society has a booklet (free) called something like Nutrition for Cancer Patients--give them a call. Bless you for helping out your friend.

          1. I love roasted vegetable soups--roast at high temperature, puree and thin w/ chicken stock. Add creme fraiche, if tolerable.

            As smoothies goes, chocolate peanut butter is good, add frozen banana.

            You could also try jook, Chinese rice porridge and add whatever soft food he can eat--hard boiled eggs, overcooked chicken.