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Apr 10, 2011 07:46 PM

ISO mini easter baskets and chocolate

I'm looking for mini easter baskets (very small.... a handful of chocolates) as well as chocolates to fill them. I've looked at the typical places (wal mart, zellers, michaels etc) but haven't been able to find small enough baskets.

As for the chocolates, I'm looking for ideas that are different than the usual grocery store offerings.



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  1. If you get stuck, I used to hide Easter chocs in pastel-coloured muffin liners. This will only work inside the house though (trust me on that one, damp Vancouver Easter proven!). I liked the small Easter offerings at Purdy's, particularly the foil wrapped eggs (no waxiness) but also the shaped fruit jellies and such like. Not sure what all they have this year though...

    1. You can make then yourself if you can't find them. Martha Stewart has a how to on her web site and if you google mini easter baskets there is a variety of sites with different ideas on how to make them on your own. For chocolates, I have really enjoyed the mini individually wrapped bars and foil eggs at Daniel Belge.

      1. My usual recommendation for anything chocolate and baskets/theme is Charlie's Chocolates on Canada Way and Boundary. Check their website for price list.