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Apr 10, 2011 07:38 PM

Vegetarian Recipes for Passover = using Wild Rice

Need help with interesting side dishes..........any one have a nyummy wild rice recipe..........remember no meat or cheese.............. we're vegetarian (some are vegan)!

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  1. Not everyone eats rice on Passover- just make sure that whoever joins you for the meals has the same dietary guidelines as you do.

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    1. re: brooklynkoshereater

      wild rice isn't actually rice, though?

      i have some good vegan wild rice recipes but don't know what the problem would be wrt kosher/kushrut, so please give me a clue if i am missing something, tia!

      please use real hand-harvested wild rice and not fake paddy-raised rice.

      1. re: soupkitten

        i really don't know what type of wild rice I have........but i did buy it in a good quality health food store............ my menu is: for the vegetarians: gefilte fish with salad.........dill pickles, horseradish; farfel kugelach/matzah.................. then am serving vegetarian 'chicken' soup with matzo balls (made with egg creations) and homemade vegan 'chicken' kreplach!
        spinach kugel, farfel stuffing, honey/lemon carrot tzimmes, something made with yuba sticks....(I need an interesting recipe) any ideas..........perhaps something that has a beefy flavour (remember, vegans are eating this); (I could make a bbq recipe........but that's been made too often in our family..........) I need new ideas...........
        then, we'll have a pavlova cake with strawberries........... any ideas for vegan whipped cream that holds it's substance?

        See my dilemma???? PLEASE HELP ME, make this menu interesting and pleasing..........

        1. re: freda kurtz

          Vegetarians don't eat fish, unless you have a recipe for a mock gefilte fish.

          For the vegan whipped cream, try the frozen food section at Whole Foods.

        2. re: soupkitten

          can you please give me your favourite or most popular recipe for vegan wild rice?

          and, have you ever used dried bean curd sticks? do you have a good and nyummy recipe for that too?

          and one more thing? how can i make a vegan whipped cream that doesn't lose it's consistency; need it for my pavlova cake.........

          much appreciated.

          1. re: freda kurtz

            Bean curd (and any other bean/bean product) falls into the same category as rice - if someone doesn't eat one on Passover, they're not going to eat the other.

            Perhaps you could make something with quinoa, rather than wild rice? Quinoa is widely accepted.

            1. re: GilaB

              but again-- wild rice is not actually rice!!! if quinoa is fine, isn't wild rice okay as well?

        3. re: brooklynkoshereater

          I agree. You need to check it out. We don't eat rice on passover. I make a farfel side dish that is served like rice. I put sauteed onions and in one I put sauteed mushrooms. I was looking to make a kishka

          1. re: paprkutr

            do you have a really good kishke recipe? i've got a few..........maybe yours is better than mine........just curious.........would you mind sending it to me?

            1. re: freda kurtz

              I don't have one, I just started looking for one. I have never made it before it just sounded really good.

          2. re: brooklynkoshereater

            we're all on the 'same page' if you know what I mean........... i know that the sephardic jews do eat rice on passover...........

            1. re: freda kurtz

              what matters is what page your guests are on.
              i make a nice wild rice pilaf by browning the grain in a little oil, sauteeing in some onions and mushrooms, adding vegetable broth and cooking on top of the stove or in the oven until done ( can't remember the time for wild rice)
              I would do it with matzoh farfel for seder to be safe.

          3. I've been making a Wild Rice Salad lately that I had many years ago in Minnesota:

            You could easily leave out the turkey and swap out other ingredients as needed.

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            1. re: tracylee

              can you use eggs? If not, you could use an egg substitute for the following zucchini kugel recipe. It is so delicious!
              Zucchini Kugel, Pesach I (P, KLP, TNT)
              Source: Rabbi Blumenkrantz's, z'l, Pesach Guide
              Serves: 6

              5 zucchini
              1 onion
              6 eggs
              1 cup potato starch--I use matzah meal instead
              1 tbsp. sugar
              1 tsp. salt
              1/3 cup oil
              3 tsp. baking powder

              Preheat oil (pour into roasting pan and put in oven as it preheats).

              Grate squash and onions. Add remaining ingredients.

              Add hot oil to batter. Bake at 350°F for 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hours.