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Apr 10, 2011 07:16 PM

Great Find- Antico Bucktown

I visited this new restaurant in bucktown and it was great. Some friends and I went to check it out and had such a pleasant experience we will definitely be going back. The Food was great...Loved the cuttlefish, Gnocci and Chicken. Everything tasted so fresh, and it sounds like they will have a garden in the back once the weather gets nicer. Staff was great, coffee was fantastic (it is house roasted), the chocolate cake was amazing.

It looks like they also have a cafe during the day...will be going back to check that out later this week.

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  1. Is "Great Find" the name of the restaurant, or did you not mention the restaurant's name?

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      You are right I didn't mention the name of the restaurant. It is Antico and it is in Bucktown off of Armitage and Leavitt. They have a