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Apr 10, 2011 07:13 PM

unsure of desserts

the recipe for brownies call for 36 caramels from a 14 ounce pacgage to mix with 3 T whipping cream. can i substitute caramel topping? how much?
any ever add anything to chocolate eclair dessert like toffee or chopped nuts? will they sink to the bottom?

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  1. In terms of your first question, it depends on what you're making. If it's just a drizzle for serving, that would probably be okay (though maybe a little less delish). If it's something that is going to be cooked, I'd be tempted to say to follow the recipe. Since you don't know what went into the commercial topping, you don't predict how it would react with heat.

    1. minncalif, if you post the recipe I can help you better. I need a sense of how this is made and what those caramels are supposed to end up like. I'll check back.

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        thanks for helping. i'm a little OCD when it comes to things i'm not comfortable with - baking. i'm bringing these to a potluck-It's Betty Crocker's Ultimate Turtle Brownie. found it on the website but don't know how to link.

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          Since the caramel gets cooked with the brownie batter, I'd steer clear of using prepared caramel sauce. Who knows how the ingredients in it will react when exposed to heat.

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            Here's the link:


            I think the problem you'd have is the caramel topping would ooze out when it cooled, instead of staying in one piece. I don't think it's a real "problem" in that it would taste fine, but the area around brownie might be a little mushier around it and it would be messy to eat (caramel would ooze out). So it would work, just not be the same.

            What is chocolate eclair dessert?