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Apr 10, 2011 05:47 PM

Memorial Day Help - Both options closed


Will be visiting Memorial day wkend. I was planning on going to Cafe Spiaggia and Sunda, but just found out they were closed on Memorial day (5/30). Any other suggestions around the same price range? Would prefer Asian or Italian.

Staying at Westin North River. Walkable options a plus.


Cafe Spiaggia
980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. Yes, that date is a problem; many places are closed on Mondays even when it's not a holiday. The other Italian places I would otherwise recommend are also closed (Cibo Matto, Coco Pazzo, Coco Pazzo Cafe, the Florentine, Vivere, Piccolo Sogno). However, Quartino is open. Quartino specializes in small plates Italian and it's a five-minute walk from your hotel.

    For Asian food, I recommend Aria, in the Fairmont Hotel, also about a five-minute walk or so from the Westin Chicago River North. Aria has various Asian cuisines as well as American food, and does a nice job on both.

    If you'd be open to options in addition to Asian and Italian, most of the steakhouses are open that night, the best of which IMHO is David Burke's Primehouse, also a five-minute walk from the hotel. Another good option that's open is Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba for tapas, but it's 2-3 miles from the hotel and you'd have to grab a cab or take public transportation.

    I know all of the above are open that night because they're accepting reservations on Wherever you plan on going, I strongly recommend making a reservation in advance, either via the internet or by phone - not only so that they will have a table ready for you, but also as a way of confirming that they are open on the holiday.

    1. Not sure how close it is to the place you are staying but there is a great place in Bucktown called Antico. We just checked it out the other day, and had a great experience. Even if you had to take a cab ride it would be worth it! Food was fantastic. Website is

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        Thanks for the recs nsxtasy & Amy. I made resversations @ Prime House & Quartino. May switch dinner to Roys though. I've dined at the Hawaii locations many times and have enjoyed it. I know the mainland ones are operated by a different group, but heard good things about the Chicago outpost.

        Would it be a mistake if I did?

        626 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

        Prime House Restaurant
        1401 Algonquin Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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          >> Would it be a mistake if I did?

          No, not at all. I've eaten at Roy's - only at the one here in Chicago - and I thought it was very good indeed. It doesn't come up in conversations a lot, maybe because it's a chain with locations in other places besides here. The downside is that you've already eaten their food and it won't be something new to you, but the upside is that you're familiar with it and you know you like it. If you miss it and would like to eat there again, by all means do so!