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Apr 10, 2011 05:12 PM

baked egg- what am i doing to screw this up so badly??

ok so heres what i did: taken carrots that i had already previously roasted and put them into my mini le creuset. made a little shallow spot and cracked an egg into it. baked uncovered in a hot oven at 350 degrees.

after 10 minutes the whites and yolk were still very much uncooked.

after 20 minutes, the whites were still underdone

i took the dish out at minute 23, at which point the egg was hard! a crust had formed and the yolk was crusty and the whites were rubbery

how had my egg gone from woefully raw to overcooked that quickly?

ive tried baking an egg in a ramekin and have gotten equally bad results every time- same problem. egg goes from raw to rubbery so quickly.

i know this cant be that difficult...and this is so much easier than poaching an egg separately and eating it with my veggies.

any ideas as to what im doing wrong?? any help is much appreciated :)

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  1. I think you need to cover them. When I make my eggs in spicy tomato sauce on the stove top they need to be covered. The lid provides a basting action from the condensation that builds up under the lid.
    I'll bet if you cover your ramekins with aluminum foil it would help.

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    1. re: starkoch

      ok thanks- ill try this and report back. whenever i make eggs in tomato sauce on the stovetop i cover them. and i do this when frying eggs too.

      haha i have 11 more eggs to try with! looks like ill be having eggs for dinner all week...

      1. re: starkoch

        ok i tried it again- this time covered. after 15 minutes at 350 degrees, the egg was still very much undercooked. i turned off the oven and just let it sit in there for another 10 minutes- after which the egg was PERFECT.

        but is this the best method? 15min @350 then another 10 with the oven off? seems a bit long to me, but if it works, ill keep doing it...

        will give this another try tomorrow. in the meantime, ideas are welcome!

        1. re: InSearchOfTacos

          Great! Please post the results of your next experiment.


        here's the method for oven-cooking coddled eggs, which is, i think, the result for which you are shooting.

        water-baths are fantastical for making velvety custardy eggs.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          yes, a water-bath would be my suggestion too.

          1. re: gembellina

            that link isnt working for me, but i found an epicurious recipe for oven-coddled eggs:

            tonight im losing le creuset and trying with one egg in a ramekin uncovered with a water bath. reviews indicate that 17 min in the 350 oven wasnt *quite* enough so a lot of ppl just left it in there or took it out and let it cook in the residual heat

            seems like my method of 15 in the oven and then 10 w the heat off isnt that off the mark

            1. re: InSearchOfTacos

              alright, so the water bath helped with the texture- tonight i cooked two eggs in the oven- covered with a water bath @350. took about 15minutes with the heat on, another 20 minutes with the heat off. tasted awesome, but i feel like i have to be doing something wrong bc it cant take so long to make eggs!! tomorrow, ill keep the heat on for longer if i make another two eggs...

              i will be eating eggs for dinner ever night until i get this right!!

        2. Eggs do not respond well to high heat, I've found. My mom would frequently serve a dish of corned beef hash with eggs baked in dimples she'd made with a spoon, and all of my first dozen attempts at it ended with fluid whites and overcooked yolks. Then I dropped the heat by 50º and gave the dish an extra ten minutes or so, and it came out quite well. Don't ask for exact times or temps, though - I gave up on doing this in the oven long ago, sorry.

          When I'm cooking eggs in ramekins, I grease them well, drop in the egg, season it and set them in a pan with a lid. Then I pour in boiling water to come a bit over halfway up the side, put the lid on, and simmer gently until the eggs are set to my liking. I usually do this when I want a sausage and egg McMuffin and it's lunch time …