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Apr 10, 2011 04:19 PM

Espresso Machines

I have owned an Olympia hand pump espresso machine for almost 30 years and unfortunately it's about had it. I'm looking at the Breville 830 and also the Pavoni (hand pump). I'm open to any and all suggestions. I'm trying to keep the price under $1,000.

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  1. I would direct you to post that question on the forum at

    1. You've got lots of choices up to $1,000, but you'll probably need a new grinder as well (especially if your grinder is as old as your Olympia is). Don't forget to budget a healthy sum for that.

      If you're used to an Olympia lever machine, I think the Breville will be a disaster for you. It's a rather weak thermoblock design.

      Either another lever, like the Pavoni, or a single boiler semi-auto would probably suit your expectations better. Gaggia, Isomac, Quick Mill, & Rancilio are just a few of the good brands with good reputations for sub-$1,000 semi-auto machines.

      Like scuba suggested, CG is a good place to read up. also has a lot of info, but they tend to suggest more expensive setups than what you're targeting.