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Apr 10, 2011 03:50 PM

Two things I've always wanted to try...need suggestions? [Dim sum and sushi in Detroit area]

Sushi and Dim Sum.

I've played around with sushi a bit from the grocery store I shop at (Holiday Market in Canton, MI) but I've never went to a Sushi restaurant. Can anyone help me out? I'd prefer to stay away from sashimi, at least for now.

Also, are there any good places for Dim Sum and how exactly does it work? Is all Dim Sum served small plates off of carts? I'd be willing to go to Windsor....for some reason Dim Sum and Windsor is stuck in my brain.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Where are you looking for sushi? This board covers six states. It sounds like you're in the Akron-Canton area. I don't know about Akron, but I know there are good sushi restaurants, and dim sum restaurants, in Cleveland and Columbus; you shouldn't have to go as far as Windsor! Heck, there are multiple recommendations for sushi restaurants in Cleveland in these discussions:

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    And there is info about dim sum in Cleveland in these discussions:

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    Oh, and dim sum is exactly as you describe, small plates typically served by roving carts.

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      I'm so sorry....I forgot to mention that I'm looking for something in the Detroit area! I live in Canton, Mi not Canton, OH.

      1. re: tdmort

        Oops! That's funny; I ran a search on Google Maps for "Holiday Market in Canton" (before you added the state) and it came up with one in Kent OH, in the Akron-Canton area. LOL!

        Anyway, in that case, check out these discussions for dim sum in Detroit:

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      2. re: nsxtasy

        My two favs for sushi:

        1: Noble Fish in Clawson; a fish/sushi MIT with a few tables

        2: Mene Sushi in West Bloomfield; a terrific bento box

        Noble Fish
        45 E 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017

        Mene Sushi
        6239 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

        1. re: nsxtasy

          If you in Canton you have a few decent Sushi places near by.

          O-Sushi (This is not an Irish version of Sushi) at the North West Corner of Lilly and Ford

          Izkakaya Sanpei - 43327 Joy Rd.

          I agree with Mr. Rainsux on Noble Fish being the best and will also toss in the Sushi bar at One World Market in Novi. (This is same people as Noble Fish and a bit closer to you).

          As for Dim Sum - I have yet to be blown away by any Dim Sum in the Detroit area compared to what I have had in a few better food markets. Anyways I think they best destination for you would be

          1. re: JanPrimus

            I cast my vote for Asia City too. They have some items that I haven't run across at other Dim Sum places. I like O' Sushi , but I've never actually had sushi at Izakaya Sanpei ( I'm still trying to work through their "special" menu). Also, being completely off topic, I can't mention anything in Canton without urging a visit to Matsuchan.

            Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant
            43327 Joy Rd, Canton, MI 48187

            1. re: moose734

              I have heard good things about Matsuchan. What's your favorite thing to order?

              1. re: tdmort

                Matsuchan is best for ramen noodle soup. The variety and quality are great. Their lunch specials (not ramen) are also pretty good. One special ( now offered every day) is their ramen set - bowl of ramen soup, plate of fried rice with shu mai (small steamed shrimp dumplings) is a hearty lunch for $9. I wouldn't go there for sushi, which is very, very limited. It's a side dish.

        2. One more "Me, too!" for Noble Fish, my go-to place for sushi. Be warned: it's a *tiny* space, with under 20 seats total, but that's only for dine-in...carryout is perfectly acceptable, and very good, too. It's also my g/f Donna's face.

          All she ever wants is a spicy shrimp roll...

          Noble Fish
          45 E 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017

          1. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. My weekend didn't go quite as planned so I wasn't able to try out any of the places listed. I did however try O'Sushi for lunch today. I work very near the Canton location. I had the California Shrimp roll (carry-out). It's very intimidating to me....knowing what to order. DH was pretty upset I got sushi without him so I think we will try to go this weekend.