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Apr 10, 2011 03:38 PM

Flourless Peanut Butter Choc Chunk Cookies

my fav chocolates in u.s. are from recchiuti in san fran. Their website recipes include this one and the thought of no flour of any kind- seems intriguing, yes?!!


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  1. It might be interesting, did you try making them?

    1. My families favorite peanut butter cookie recipe is flour-less. It's mostly just peanut butter, egg and sugar. The egg 'seizes up' the peanut butter and they honest to god come out with a texture like a cookie with flour. I haven't used any baking soda or powder in them, but I wonder if that lightens them up a bit (they are quite dense). No one ever believes when I tell them they are flour-less.

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        That sounds good. Would you please post the recipe. I was thinking of using it for Passover,
        but just realized I can't use peanuts. I wonder how it would be with almonds or someother nut?
        I would love to try them. TIA

      2. Here's a flourless (and also dairy-free) PB cookie recipe I've used from epicurious:

        @paprkutr: I've made this successfully with sunflower butter.

        I use Ghiradelli 70% chips. My sister-in-law adds peanut butter chips too.

        Super-easy & fast and YUM.


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        1. I love them and I am not a big fan of peanut butter cookies. I'd highly recommend them.

          1. Like krissywats, I use the three ingredient pb cookie (1 c pb, 1 c sugar, egg). I was skeptical but really liked them. I'd love to try this recipe--I'm also wondering, since there isn't much acidic in the recipe what the baking soda would react with. I would guess it's more for the darkening aspect in that case, than rising. My kids call the three ingredient one, peanut butter candy.

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              well, i would think that the definition of candy would include 'sugar based' so it sounds like an accurate moniker to me!