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Apr 10, 2011 03:29 PM

Fig and Olive- A Major Disappointment!

Four of us tried "Fig and Olive" last Saturday evening after hearing all of the "buzz" about this new place in Scarsdale (Eastchester actually).

All in all-A major disappointment although it appears to be a success (at least for now).

The vast majority of the customers appeared to be young and of the "yuppie" type. The noise level of the restaurant was quite similar to a runway at JFK. After a while, the noise drowns out all

normal conversation, and manages to give one a headache. There has been no attempt at all

to buffer the noise and in fact I seem to think that the owners want it that way to appeal to those who enjoy lots and lots of noise.

My wife and I ordered 2 Vodka Gimlets and were served two very very sweet drinks with a limited amount of Vodka. I had to request two lime slices for our drinks!

A plate containing three different types of olive oils (Mediterranean, California, and North African)

were placed on the table with small slices/cubes of bread. The bread appeared to be quite stale and the olive oils were nothing to write home about. Our server "forgot" to put in the order for my wife's appetizer selection but quickly brought it our which strongly suggests that they are made

well in advance and not "to order"

Two members of our party ordered Caesar Salad with White Anchovy @ $12.00. We were

served two large portions of well dressed salad with each containing a single white anchovy.

The promised olive oil croutons were similar to something out of a box.

My wife ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast which was dried out and tasteless. Two members

of our party order the "Fig and Olive Mediterranean Tasting" @ $30.00 as their main course.

The platter consisted of some of the same dried out grilled chicken, lamb grilled on rosemary

skewers which were hard, tough, and chewy, and 3 small grilled shrimp, which was fair. Also on the platter a small piece of grilled tomato and some Mashed truffled potato's with olive oil which was vile, couscous salad which was also dry, and saffron rice which was fair. Their also was two small bell peppers pieces and
several slices of red onion that was undercooked, on the plate. All in all we were underwelmed
by the dish,although to be fair, the presentation looked nice.

One person had a sorbet desert which came with a small container of rassberry syrup that

was interesting. I noted that there was a selection of tea available @$4.50.

Our wicker chairs were not that comfortable and the tables are so closely spaced together

that the nearby customers seem to be dining with you. Dinner with a drink each averaged

$145.00 with a 20% tip.

The young crowd seemed to be pleased with the noise, poor food, and average service. As for us... Fig and Olive just does not cut it... we shall pass on it in the future.. tried it.. did not like it..

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  1. That price for dinner was for two or four people?

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    1. re: Elisa515

      The price of $ 145.00 was dinner for two....

    2. Not surprised. Ive never had a good meal at the ones in the city. Wasn't planning on bothering with the Scarsdale location and your post confirmed my suspicion.

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      1. re: mla19

        yeah...also, the one on 52nd street is insanely loud....impossible to carry a is mediocre

      2. I agree. Went last Monday for lunch. Chairs uncomfortable, soup was good, drinks and food way too expensive for the amount you get. Smirnoff on the rocks-$12, my lamb panini had less than 3 oz. of lamb on it, which was sliced thin and steamed. Will not be returning.

        1. Went to Fig and Olive last night. Let me preface this by saying we live in Goldens Bridge which is a good 1/2 hour away but my husband has a dairy allergy and we were excited to find a restaurant where non-dairy items, like olive oil bearnaise were on the menu. I totally agree with the OP's assessment of the restaurant. It was awful. The tables are so close together they might as well make it one big table. There was a group next to us with a baby who loved banging the table and clearly was not going to be stopped so we asked to move and got moved one seat down. Not much help when he started screaming but truly, the place is so noisy it kind of blended in. The olive oil tasting was three supermarket worthy oils that pretty much tasted the same served with a very mediocre rosemary focaccia. My husband had the scallops which actually were quite good. I had the truffled parmesan croquette which I also enjoyed. They were not worth the trip or the noise or the discomfort of the tiny tables and wicker chairs. Main course - I had "smoked" lamb chops which arrived covered so as to keep the smoky smell in. There was a spring of rosemary that was still lit. It smelled like pot, I kid you not. The lamb chops had no taste, the pot smell was off-putting. They were served with goat cheese gnocchi that you could have played hockey with but a good eggplant side. My husband had the filet - ok, with the much anticipated olive oil bernaise - which had no flavor - not even tarragon. It was also served with ketchup.......why? because it was supposed to come with fries (no mention) but my husband opted to pay for a side of olive oil mashed potatoes. Cold. Bland. No salt. And, the meal cost us $138.50 plus tip. I also agree that the young crowd seemed happy but did not know better. The man next to us ordered the fish en papillote and asked why it came in paper..........Obviously, we will not go back - even if they open one around the corner!

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          1. re: wincountrygirl

            agreed, we went once about 6 months ago, won't go back

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              Agree. I wrote a negative review on another thread when it first opened. Very expensive, mediocre food in tiny portions, noisy, and cramped. What else is there to say?

              1. re: roxlet

                Wish I'd read them before we went!!!!

            2. meh...we went a few weeks ago for the 1st time. underwhelming.

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              1. re: MRS

                I haven't ever heard anything great about this place. It also seems you have to be from the young hip crowd of Westchester. I am only 36 and I feel I would be out of place in a restaurant like that. I did enjoy Chat 19 but haven't been there in awhile.