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Apr 10, 2011 03:19 PM

Where can I find burnt-ends in New Orleans?

I've lived in nola most of my life, and have recently heard about burnt-ends. I was wondering if any restaurant in new orleans had it on their menu? I'm referring to the burnt ends on brisket.


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  1. if your ever in Kansas City, hit me up - this is the only true staple of KC style bbq

    1. I would think the only places would be The Joint in the Bywater or Squeal uptown. NOLA not a big BBQ town.

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      1. re: BayouEgger

        I called squeal and they don't have it. Squeals menu doesn't have burnt ends either. :(

        1. re: c1ue1ess88

          Its not an item an anyone's menu. Have you tried mentioning that is what you liked over at the Joint or Hillbilly? I imagine that they would be happy to accommodate.

      2. I think it's just a matter of making friends at your favorite BBQ joint, and asking sweetly for these little morsels!

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        1. re: arashall

          I have not seen burnt ends in very many BBQ's outside of the Kansas City area. Burnt ends are pretty much a Kansas City thing. I do not know of a single BBQ in the Oklahoma City area that serves burnt ends and we have a lot of BBQ places. I do not recall seeing them in Texas either, although there are a lot of Texas BBQ's I have not been to. New Orleans does not have that many BBQ restaurants and is not known for BBQ. I would be surprised if you find burnt ends in any New Orleans BBQ's.

          Bigray in Ok

          1. re: Bigrayok

            LOL. I'm actually answering my own question. The Arabella station whole foods can do it. They're charging me the same price as their brisket. (13.99). I'll let you know how it tens out