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Apr 10, 2011 01:59 PM

Where to find Golden Boy fish sauce?

Recently moved to Seattle from Boston (am loving it by the way) but don't know where to get some of our much-needed Thai ingredients. Yes, yes, we know about Uwajimaya and Central Market but, frankly, I am looking for a Thai market run by Thai people (or something close). One good yardstick is anywhere that carries Golden Boy or Tra Chang brands of fish sauce. So far have not been able to find it. Other things we have yet to find are nam prik pao, ta-dang, and pea eggplants.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

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  1. I don't think it is Thai owned but I seem to remember seeing Golden Boy at Ht Market on Aurora North. It is a very large store with most Asian cuisines well represented..

    1. Ranch 99 in Edmonds or Pacific Market on Evergreen in Everett would be my best guesses. Both have a bunch of different fish sauces. Pacific Market has more Thai stuff than most places including Kaffir Lime leaves, which are hit and miss at Ranch 99. Might be run by Thai people but could be Vietnamese.

      1. I have a small bottle of Golden Boy, but don't recall where I bought it. I regularly shop at 99Ranch Edmonds (California/Chinese chain), HMart (NJ/Korean chain), and Star Produce (Vietnamese owned produce and multiethnic shop near he Lynnwood Trader Joes). There are some small Thai places in the Lynnwood area, but I haven't been to one in some time.

        I don't recall seeing the other items you mention, though Star might be the best bet for the 3 I mentioned.