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Apr 10, 2011 01:55 PM

Family Time - Filipino Restaurant

Found this place up in Shoreline today and it was FANTASTIC. Really good and simple home-cooked Filipino food. The pork adobo was pretty spicy. The lechon kawali was exactly as advertised: a bowl of deep-fried pork belly. HOLY CRAP that was delicious. Only downside: the entrees come with just meat and rice, no vegetables in sight (fine with me).

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  1. Hmm, thanks for the review. I've seen this place. It's near the Old Village Korean restaurant, right? I used to drive by there all the time and wonder about it. I'll try it the next time I'm in town.

    The only Filipino restaurant food I've had in the Seattle area is at Inay's and some of the deli//takeout food in the Beacon Hill area. The crispy pata at Inay's was incredible and I loved the availability of kalamansi juice (don't know if this is common on Filipino restaurant menus). I've also heard good things about Kawali Grill.