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Apr 10, 2011 12:30 PM

Heidi's 2.0 redux

Great meal Sat night at Heidi's. I started with the beet 2.0 salad which I really love (.Beets and feta, “24 Karat” carrot buttons and pickled shallot sauce) So many flavors going on. I opend a bottle of 91 Chateau Montelena (it had been sitting in my cellar since release). It was a great bottle (96pts). The chef then sent us the "bennie" Eggless Benedict with huitlacoche and truffle. They also poured us a glass chenin blanc to go with this course. The wine was from India of all places but was very nice and matched well with the "bennie". I then had the Fillet special and my wife ha dht Salmon Cassoulet. We both loved our dishes. We had a side of the spinach gratin to go with the entrees. The Cab and the beef were a match made in heaven. For dessert we had the Frozen yuzu and sesame soufflé with candied kumquats and white chocolate and Nitro chocolate mousse with roasted marshmallow, peanut butter bliss and honey. The Nitro is a favorite of mine. It was a really incredible evening. If you have not been yet, I really urge you to check it out. There are very few restos of this caliber in our town. If we want to have good food, we need to support them. Next week . . . Travail. I hate waiting so it should be interesting.

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  1. I'm excited to try this rendition out. I tried Heidi's before the fire and thought the pricing was spectacular for what you got.
    I'm excited to hear that the '91 montelena was still drinking well. That's great. The oldest bottle I've had recently was a '98 Archery Summit (OR) pinot, which, given its relative lack of tannic structure, had held up all this time and was great.

    1. My husband and I also ate at Heidi's 2.0 on Saturday night with a couple friends of ours. This was our second visit to 2.0, and it was fantastic--as was the first visit. We had the following:

      Hors d’oeuvres: The “Bennie,” Instant Pork Bun, Tongue, and Caviar.

      Appetizers: Mussel Soup, Beets 2.0., and the Shefzilla

      Main Entrées: The Lamb Shank.

      Dessert: Caramelized pineapple Napoleon

      Also had the following cocktails: the Pamplemousse, the Alice, and the Old Fashioned

      The only item that did not knock our socks off was the Shefzilla, which suprised me because prior Shefzillas have been really amazing. That said, it was still very good. It only paled in comparison to how uniformly outstanding everything else was. Service and atmosphere were also amazing. The patio looks to be killer as well. Kudos to Heidi, Stewart, Kyle, and everyone there. Heidi's 2.0 is top drawer! We were already planning our next trip on the drive home.