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Apr 10, 2011 12:25 PM

Tortas @Safeco Field

Tried a roast chicken torta and my husband tried a braised pork torta @the Pen @Safeco Field last night. Honest ingredients: the chicken and the pork were prepared in a sloppy Joe style, with lots of avocado, pickled jalapenos, bean spread, and, if you wanted, sour cream. We agreed the tortas were a solid B-. If you're gonna roast the chicken, why do it sloppy Joe style? Kind of bland overall. On the other hand, we saw the nachos and the chips and guacamole available at this site, and they really looked good. The nachos were substantial and looked real, unlike that gop with the cheez whiz sold elsewhere at Safeco. That may be the way to go at this place. For tortas, need to try the Mexican truck outside on Occidental. There's also an Indian food truck (east Indian) apparently on Occidental. I'm looking forward to trying that!

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  1. El Camion has a trailer on Occidental now. Surely better than anything inside the safe. Definitely better than the other mexi-trucks on that row on gameday.

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      They're usually up by Home Depot on Aurora, right? Yes, they're good

    2. Went to Safeco and tried the nachos at the new torta place. Good. Extremely large portion, real cheese, a very tasty bean layer on the bottom of the stack (dig down right away), and seemingly fresh homemade salsa. Very unique tasting overall. They have sliced sausage/hot dogs on them, which threw me, but my husband liked the hot dogs, so no problem. And it's one of the few places in this new Pen area where you can sit, rather than stand up at a table, and also see the game. Go around the torta stand, to the back to find seating. It's the old Bullpen Pub viewing area.