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Apr 10, 2011 12:21 PM

Need recipe for Gabila like knishes

Moved from Bklyn many years ago..crave some nice fried Gabila's knishes.
Know you can order them online, but want to make them myself..
You know the kind, square ones from the cart!

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  1. While you might be able to try and replicate the recipe/ingredients of a dirty water dog cart knish there is no way (IMHO) you can ever gain flavor/texture you find when you buy one off the street. It's that seasoned flat top that they heat them on. Makes the corners hard & chewy, imparts a certain flavor that can can't be matched by home preparation.
    I'd just order them online. Also, I was surprised to see they are still making them right here on Long Island in Copiague.
    Anyone ever have the cart master slice one open from the top, squirt some mustard and throw a little onions in there?

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    1. re: johnk

      I disagree, i do believe it can be replicated at home:-) and I'm working on it. one of the things is theyre fried not baked initially. if i crack the recipe ill post it stacey.

      1. re: layla13

        That is so funny that you replied today. After several months,I just did another google search yesterday for this recipe. I was initially encouraged when something showed up in the search list, only to find it was my original query.!
        I really can't get the dough right.
        Please keep me posted.

      2. re: johnk

        I just buy them myself. I agree it would be hard to duplicate exactly, although your results could be very good regardless. I mean it started as a homemade food. But like trying to duplicate someone elses meatballs or sauce, even if you went to their factory and stole all their secrets, it would always be your version.

        My favorite is to make a ham and swiss sandwich with lots of mustard.

      3. I recently bought some at Costco, and really, they tasted exactly as I remember. I'd love to find a recipe, though!

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        1. re: roxlet

          Wow..What section of Costco? What brand? I have not seen them in my costco, but I could ask for a special order. I have followed quite a few recipes, it is the dough I keep messing up on.

          1. re: staceya

            It was in the area where they have thinks like humous. This was the Yonkers, NY store. I don't remember the brand, but I grew up in Brooklyn, and believe me when I say they were the real deal. I had to get rid of them -- they were so good I was in danger of eating them all!! A little schmear of horseradish deli mustard and, oh my! Proust's madelaines have nothing on knishes for me.

            1. re: roxlet

              I'm in Scottsdale, AZ, and they had them at my Costco, too, so it's likely a national item.

        2. Try this. The story is kinda interesting and the recipe might be accurate!

          1. Yeah......large square 'Coney Island' Knishes,sold from street carts in Brooklyn...
            5 cents each!!! many,many years ago of course.
            Still trying to find them here in Seattle area,no luck!

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            1. re: grangie angie

              Call your local Costco. The person from Arizona found them, maybe they are in Seattle. Usually in the chilled food (like salsa and stuff) section or you can try here:
              Good luck.

              1. re: grangie angie

                Yea I remember having a knish guy walk down my street in Bushwick Brooklyn many,many years ago .Those knishes were round though and good .He just provided a shaker of salt .

                1. re: scunge

                  I grew up in Brooklyn too, and always preferred the fried ones split and spread with mustard. They were a biiiig snack for a nickel.
                  The first time I had a round one, I thought someone had pulled a fast one!

                  1. re: roxlet

                    No their the real deal. As a kid in Coney Island a hot dog and a knish after the beach really good not to mention a cold Rheingold in a large cardboard cup .Heaven

                    1. re: scunge

                      Does anyone have a recipe for the Gabila's deep fried version?
                      All this knish recipe-less reminiscing is torturous.


                Here you go. I didn't expect to see vinegar in the dough.