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Apr 10, 2011 12:07 PM

Takeout in Trumbull Conn?

I need to get a gift for a coworker from Trumbull Conn. who's expecting a baby later this month. I'd like to get a gift certificate to a local place that does good takeout, so the new parents can enjoy a couple of good meals.

Anyone have recommendations? Italian, steaks, pub food - any good ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Ichiro for sushi/Japanese....

    1. not a ton in Trumbull they go frequently into any other towns that may be convenient?

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      1. re: Ima Foodie

        I work in Trumbull. There aren't many choices. But my coworkers and I all love Panera Bread. They have great easy take out, salads, soups and sandwiches mostly. And nice bakery items.

      2. In general the food scene in Trumbull sucks (Blunt, but I live in Trumbull).
        Ichiro is fine for dine in, but not great takeout. The Sushi Chef at Poricelli's Market is almost as good and is very fresh for lot's less money.

        You might want to consider Vazzi's on RT 25, I believe theyt have recently started delivery. Middling to above average Italian.

        There is NO good Chinese food in Trumbull, and no good steak house. The Smithy is long past its prime.

        Poricelli's on White Plains Rd does both hot prepared and cold prepared food and you may be better off with a certificate from there which will give variety to the recipient.

        No good pizza delivery in Trumbull, particularly avoid Giove's (owned by the same people as Carl; Anthony's) and Anerican Pie.

        Where to dine in Trumbull is always a problem, it usually means a minimum 20 minute ride out of town.

        Avoid the chains such as Panera mention up thread. Bad food, small portions and high prices.

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        1. re: bagelman01

          Ditto what bagelman said. I live in Trumbull and there is NOTHING. NOTHING. The most popular place in town is Marisa's, and that's because it's really the only game in town. There is the O Bar, but not good for take out.

          1. re: foodwtr

            Marisa'as>>a bunch of loud drunks and you could die walking through the cigarette smoke trying to enter.

            O Bar, a bunch of quieter drinkers, less sports on tv and decent bistro food, but doesn't travel at all.

          2. re: bagelman01

            Had a baseball game at Unity tonight. Should've checked here -vs- Google first. Giove's was in and out, as in we walked in and sat down Went to "O" Bar & Grill instead. Wife and younger son enjoyed. My sandwich was wrecked, even after I ordered with sauce on the side. Food server basically threw the plate at me when it was ready "as ordered". We had...4 different servers too? Food = MEH. Service = D+. Only consolation was the girl at the entrance awaiting patrons. Otherwise? Total fail. Shame on me.

            1. re: LorenV

              "O" Bar's food and service has gone steadilly downhill. My 24 year old will go there with her friends because the crowd at Marisa's is too old. She doesn't like getting hit on by 50 YO married or newly divorced men. But even daughter and friends will no longer order food at "O" unless they are more than tipsy.
              It is a shame, as owners of "O" Bar had operated a really good southern French restaurant in Fairfield and with the downturn in the economy morphed into "O" bar in Fairfield, then Trumbull. If there was any competition in the area, they's be out of business. But Trumbull is a bit of a culinary wasteland.
              Thursday night, wife and I wanted something local, she chose Old Town Restaurant on Quality Street. No atmosphere, but some good dishes and Greek style pizza. She had Cream of Mushroom Soup which was about the best she ever had, and a Shrimp dish on the Thursday Special Menu, that had 6 Jumbo grilled shripm on top of rice with fresh grillede seasonal vegetables (squash <3 varieties>, cherry tomamtoes, haricort Vert, mushrooms, eggplant) in a creamy (but not heavy) lemon sauce. Rated an A-. I had the Greel chicken lemon rice soup, good but on the salt side. and penne in a creamy light tomato sauce with mushroom topped with mozzarella and baked. It was far too heavy, ate less than 1/3 and it sat all night. C-.
              My father always said, "Don't order Italian at a Greek owned/operated restaurant" He was right.
              I remember when the owner of Old Town operated the Copper Kettle in New Haven (1970s) and was know for his soups. I should have just ordered a Bowl of Cream of Mushroom and a salad.
              Server was good and attentive without being intrusive.
              Wife and kids like the Pizza at Old Town, too much cheese and too thick for me.

              1. re: bagelman01

                I left with my younger son while my wife and older son waited for the check and paid the tab. They NEVER took anything off for the sandwich f**kup and me having to wait 15 minutes for my food while my family ate.

                Service like that in an "upscale" restaurant in this day and age (and economy) is utterly disgusting.

                Never again will we dine out at an unknown establishment before checking in here first.

                Live and learn.

          3. I also live in Trumbull. I agree with the other posts, not much around. For delivery, Vazzy's in Monroe is not that bad. Also Panino's in Monroe, I don't think they deliver but they do a big takeout business. Also Jenny's in Monroe another big takeout place.

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            1. re: razkel

              Razkel, mentioned Vazzy's up thread, Panino's tends to be small on portion size and slow on service/make ready time. Last time we tried to order takeout on a Tuesday night they wanted 75 minutes for 2 dishes.
              Jenne's is good, but not better than Franco Gianni's. That said the food choices in Monroe are better than Trumbull.

              Just heard that the people from Circle Diner in Fairfiled have bought the old empty diner on RT 25 (next to Nagy's Bros) are gutting it and reopening. Something sorely missed in the area.

              1. re: razkel

                Panino's is a good suggestion. They have the "Family Specials" on Mondays and Tuesdays. $22 for a chicken entree, pasta, salad and bread for four. When I'm too tired to cook, that's where I order from.

              2. How about that Chinese restaurant in the Poricelli plaza Anyone?

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                1. re: ctfoodguy


                  It used to be owned by the same owner as Ichiro, until he got caught having tapped into a neighboring store's gas line.

                  The new owner serves Chinese and Thai. Very ordinary at best (Pad Thai) Vile at worst (any Chinese dish we've tried). We've given them three tries and given up.

                  Went for lunch last week and from 12:15 to 1PM we were the only table. They turned on the dining room lights when they seated us and turned them off as soon as we paid. Only 1 takeout order was picked up during this time.

                  The kiss of death has touched this place and they won't be long for the world.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    It all sucks, but as mentioned previously, WE HAVE NO CHOICE :-) The Chinese joint is tolerable as long as you get fried rice or any of the curries. If you get any of the americanized dishes u r on your own. O-bar seemingly has a good menu, but it's a bit overpriced for the quality they think they serve.

                    I'd suggest the CT-25 / CT-59 interesection in Monroe, there's Vazzy's, last drop (which has great sandwiches), Sennen, Carl Anthony's, etc...

                    1. re: unagi1

                      3 months after my post, but Monroe is NOt the answer. I've discussed many of the Monroe restaurants in earlier post on CH.

                      You can keep Vazzy's (all locations) overpriced ordinary Italian American., Franco-Gianni's is far better food. Carl Anthony's and their Giove's pizza joints suck big time.

                      Today wife and I wanted a nice Japanese Lunch and ended up driving to Captain Thomas Blvd in West Haven to Sushi K. Had an amazing lunch of both sushi and cooked Japanese items, can't wait to go back.

                      O bar is fine for drinks, not dinner. Used to like the same owners Cafe St Tropez in Fairfiled, byut when he went Bistro style he lost our buisiness.

                      This is a culinary wasteland.

                      1. re: bagelman01

                        So what's a good alternative besides Monroe for take-out? the original question from the OP was with regards to take out, I think we all agree that for sit-down there's really not much around here (Sennen is excepted since we know the owner)

                        Ironically enough, we went to the Brasserie in Fairfield last night and had a great experience -- why'd you stop going, what changed?

                        1. re: unagi1

                          regarding the Brasserie in Ffd. I love French Food, but prefer full meals with white linen service, not overly fond of the casual style and food that is now in place. I used to be able to start with a really good home made pate and a bottle of Veuve and continue with classic mains. Now it seems the emphasis is on the drinks and the food is a light accompiament.

                          As to takeout in Trumbull;

                          No quality Chinese or Japanese is available

                          Italian-American>>Franco Gianni's or Marisa's. Most people don't realize that Marisa's will pack meals to go (Pricey)

                          Pizza--if we eat from a place in the area we use Julian's on RT 25 in Monroe, BUT I'm biased, I'm from Nedw Haven and want Apizza, not pizza. I tend to order with grated Romano cheese, not mozzarella

                          Sandwiches--nothing worth eating


                          we are sorely lacking a good Greek diner where a great assortment of good meals for takeout could be had. I'm looking forward to the opening in Monroes of a new diner owned by the guys from the Circle Diner in Fffd. who are gutting Fannie's old place 'New Colony' just north of Nagy Bros.

                          We always have a quandry as to where to go, since this area is a culinary wasteland. We end up driving to Stratford, Milford, West or New Haven at least once a week.

                          Even takout Chinese we bring in from Milford. A little place in the Red Bush Plaza (next to the closed Krispy Kreme) called Hong Kong has the best BBQ Spare Ribs we've ever had, as well as very good soups.