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Apr 10, 2011 12:00 PM

Roast chicken in a covered CI oven - crispy skin?

I had always thought if you roasted a chicken in a dutch oven with the lid on it would be juicy but with pale, flabby skin. This video shows a chicken cooked in a matte black LC oven with just some olive oil and salt and pepper. It emerges with brown crispy skin. Granted it was made in a high end oven, but there can't be that much difference in the way an oven cooks. Has anyone been able to get a chicken that looks like that by roasting it in a covered oven? Just curious!

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  1. No. To get crisp skin on a roast bird, I uncover the roaster 15 or 20 minutes before it is done. However, I don't use cast iron to roast a bird. I use old fashioned enamel (granite) roasters.

    I wouldn't think that the oven produces the crisp skin, although a truly crummy oven might NOT produce a crisp skin. I would think the deciding factor is the vessel. I am sure LC users will weigh in about this. But for crisp poultry skin, I would uncover the bird part way through the cooking time.

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      That's what I have always thought, but this video claims that you can get a result like that by leaving the cover on. Has anyone been able to duplicate that result by cooking a chicken in cast iron the entire time with the cover left on? I like the idea of getting crispy, moist chicken without the oven cleanup.