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Apr 10, 2011 11:51 AM

Can you eat at the bar at Bocca di Lupo--London? Other restaurant thoughts as well!

Can't seem to get a reservation yet this seems like the kind of place the mister and I would like. We were also thinking of Polpette, so that while waiting have a drink at French House. Does this sound good. We do have a reservation for Racine's but I am on the fence about that one. National Portrait Gallery for dinner one night. Any thoughts.

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  1. I think you can. However the several times we have tried, it has always been full up. I did manage to make reservations for "the Chef's Table" on Friday, which I presume to be the bar facing the kitchen. Will report back.

    Polpetto is really good but they don't take any reservations. We have only managed to get seated when we go early (before 6:30 PM).

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      Do you have room for two more on Friday??? That might be the only way we get there. Thanks for the heads up on Polpetto. Perhaps we will have drinks after.

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        Ha ha, sadly, no. Besides Mr Monkey might not like sharing his date!

        If you want small plates of tasty treats, good wine...

        you could also check out Vinoteca (no booking)

        or Comptoir Gascon (can book

        Terroirs (can book

    2. Yes you can definitely eat at the BdL bar, and you can book spots at it, too. If you're lucky, you'll be seated at the left side of the bar so can watch the chefs at work. My experience is that if you present yourself or call mid week, in the early evening (say by 18:30 or so), you can quite often get a spot at the bar. Fri/Sat dinner is a bit trickier. As for lunch, last Saturday lunchtime I rang up at 12:30 and made a bar booking for 13:30. Nothing's guaranteed, but you do stand a pretty good chance if you're slightly flexible with times/days.