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Apr 10, 2011 11:11 AM

Staying in Shoreditch area of London....need some great inexpensive restaurants

From NYC and visiting London in May. My boyfriend and I are looking for some great inexpensive restaurants in London, preferably in shoreditch. Also, do people favor Texture restaurant vs. Viajante? Both look like they have great tasting menus.

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  1. Hey there.

    a great area to be based: here are some suggestions:

    Vietnamese - there's loads but Cay Tre is a good choice on Old street, or Song Que, one of the many on Kingsland Road are the two I favour.

    Chinese - Gourmet San does really great North Eastern Chinese dishes - on Bethnal Green Road. not your average Chinese. Go for the lamb skewers..

    Columbia Road has some great looking places - Brawn is supposed to be great, and Laxiero - not been myself but walked past there yesterday and the menu looked fantastic - Rustic Spanish.

    a mile or so up Kingsland Road and you're in the heart of the Turkish community on Dalston. A small sidestreet off Kingsland rd called Arcola Street hosts one of the best Turkish joints in town. Mangal 2.. I was in Istanbul last weekend, but the food here is up there with some of my standouts in Istanbul.

    Other than that, some great stalls on Broadway market (in Hackney) on a Saturday - good to check it out if you can.

    Never been to Texture, but a lot of people who I know and trust RAVE about Viajante - so would not hestitate going there. Its up there on the top of my wishlist of places to go.