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Apr 10, 2011 10:23 AM


Looking to find out which patisseries, people on this board recommend. I have done my research and have come up with the following list:

Du Pain et Des Idees

La Bonbonniere de Buci

Gerard Mulot

Laduree (I know it is touristic, but feel I must at least take some back to our hotel)

What is the opinion about, Sadaharu Aoki?

Also, does anyone know, where in Paris, I may purchase the book "The Patisseries of Paris"?

Thank you so much. I have not been back to Paris since the mid 80s and am very excited.

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  1. "Du Pain et Des Idees"


    "La Bonbonniere de Buci"

    Mainly photogenic.

    "Gerard Mulot"


    "Laduree (I know it is touristic, but feel I must at least take some back to our hotel)"


    1. "Du Pain et Des Idees"


      "La Bonbonniere de Buci … Laduree"

      Mainly photogenic.
      Denise Acabo and A La Mère de Famille have much better stuff.

      "Gerard Mulot"


      1. I would add Le Pain de Sucre in the 3rd, Carl Marletti in the 5th and Hugo & Victor in the 7th.

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          And Christian Constant in the 6th.

          (It is le Pain de Sucre, I'm pointing that out because this "du" keeps coming back.)

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            Thanks for the correction! I've edited my post.

        2. The Patisseries in Paris is still in print, therefore, try WH Smith on r. Rivoli. If not, Libraire Gourmande on r Dante; or the nearby La Librairie des Gourmets (some books in English) on r. Monge. The big FNAC in Forum des Halles might carry it.

          1. Sadaharu Aoki is good but quirky. Japanese ingredients make their way into the flavour profiles such as wasabi and matcha. Love it or hate it but interesting to try if you're into something different.

            Carl Marletti is the bee's knees.

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              May I point you to Souphie's most excellent google map of patisseries and boulangeries with great notes. A fantastic reference: