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Apr 10, 2011 10:07 AM

What is your favorite type of guava? Pineapple guava, Beaumont red, strawberry guava, Mexican cream, Costa Rican Cas, Red Malasian, etc?

I didn’t realize there were so many different types that are distinctly different from one another … until trying a slightly tart fruit called “cas” in Costa Rica.


I really didn’t know at the time what cas was, but I knew I liked it. When I learned it was a guava it made sense … I like guavas a lot.

It has that fragrant guava quality. With cas there is a tart edge to it with orange and lime notes. It is as pretty as the tender, fresh, green color of spring (see photo of drink below).

The center is not as solid as most guavas, but more like a passion fruit without the mucous quality a passion fruit has.

The first link says it nicely

“cas juice has an intriguing and unique flavor that most people will never forget … and is rarely, if ever, eaten directly out of the hand due to its acidity.”

Like lemons. Yep, I tried eating some of the fruit au natural … really, really tangy.

Still, it was more edible than munching on a lemon and if I lived in Costa Rica, I’d probably eat some raw because they cut my appetite (great for a diet) and there is a nice bit of fruit around the seeds that reminds me of ripe pears in terms of texture and aroma.

It seems guavas in general are in the superfruit category providing lots of fiber and is rich in anti-oxidants (especially vitamin C).

My next favorite guava was the Hawaiian variety which I believe are called Beaumont Red … lovely pink color and pleasantly sweet.

Interesting stuff from Chow ingredients about guavas in general

“Varieties differ widely in flavor and seediness (some have edible seeds). Their aroma is sweet and flowery, yet musky. The taste is sweet to sour with an unusual taste partly due to eugenol, the essential oil found also in cloves.”

Seriously, they should make guava perfume. I’m happy just holding a ripe guava and blissing out from the sensational way they smell.

More varieties of guavas

A good previous Chowhound guava discussion

This topic on what to do with a glut of fresh guavas, as a suggestion that sounds wonderful to me and I hope I can try … dry them.

What’s your fav and how do you use it?

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