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Apr 10, 2011 09:44 AM

Tried Five Guys--What's the big deal?? [moved from Las Vegas]

I was in Henderson so I tried the Five Guys hambugers. What a joke! How can you compare it to In-N-Out when you have to tell them what you want on your burger? It is not a fair comparison. If they sold a standard burger, then you could compare. Copy cat red and white decor. Their fries were disgusting. As much as I dislike In-N-Out fries these were awful. Cooked to the point of being dark brown they were way overcooked. I even like Fatburger and Red Robin a lot better. Thoughts??

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  1. I went there a few weeks ago. Busy as hell, and quite noisy. So many tables crammed in there they were practically on top of each other. It was the week they opened, so maybe they had put extra tables in there in anticipation of the extra business. I hope they get rid of some of them (if they haven't already) as the ambiance was certainly not my cup of tea.

    As for the food, I had the regular burger (two thick patties) and fries and a soda. I would have had a shake, but they don't serve any. What's this? A burger joint that doesn't make shakes? So far, points off for the crowded noisy ambiance and no shakes.

    As for the burger, I thought it was good but not great. Certainly you get more meat than those skinny little slivers of beef they slap on In 'N Out burgers. You actually feel like you're holding something substantial at Five Guys, instead of just a couple of spongy buns that happen to have a little brown speck wedged between them as at In 'N Out. Taste was about equal to In 'N Out.

    My fries were fine. They were mostly brown yes, but didn't seem overcooked. I preferred them to the often limp fries they serve at In 'N Out, both in appearance and taste. And you get a really substantial amount as well. I ordered a regular size and there was enough to share with my friend.

    So, overall I would go back again if I'm in the area and have a hamburg hankerin'. If I have a milkshake hankerin' too, then I'll be going elsewhere.

    1. Why would you exect 5 guys to be a a great experience? It's just another burger chain. I went to the one in Palm Beach Gardens a couple of times. It's OK but I wouldn't expect it to be the high point of my Vegas dining experience.

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        No offence meant or even implied; but maybe it's because we're locals/residents here in LV and we're not just visiting?

      2. i have never been to an in n out burger so i cant compare them...
        we did have a fat burger for a little while but it went under..
        so all i can compare to is the regular chains..wendys/mcds/burger king/steak and shake..
        i like five guys better than any of those ..

        as far as telling them what i want...i like it that way...i dont always want the same thing on a i like the choices..

        i like the fries also skin on/ nicely cooked is ok with me...waaay better than mcds lately..
        i compare them to checkers fries which i also really like...
        and red robin are ok also..

        as far as shakes ..i dont miss them..i would need a few pills to have one anyway... im i only get one rarely...

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        1. re: srsone

          I still have fond memories of the original Hard Rock Cafe in London's Piccadilly 40 years ago. We loved their burgers - haven't had too many that you would rate better since. However Ron's is a local chain in Tulsa that makes pretty bodacious burgers and you get them with "Spanish" fries - fries blended with jalapenos.

          Hard Rock Cafe
          4475 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

          1. re: kagemusha49

            Well that brings back memories. I went to the original Hard Rock many times about 35 years ago. I always remembered the burgers, fries and shakes as the best. But, sometimes I wonder. I was living in Paris at the time and while I absolutely loved the food I was having in Paris (of course), I did get homesick now and then and perhaps that made the meals at Hard Rock when we would go to London for a weekend every couple months extra good???

        2. I live nearby so it's been easy to try Five Guys on several occasions. I like the burgers. Put bacon on virtually anything and it will taste better. For those you like uber variety and a myriad of choices for toppings, Five Guys delivers. Good grilled taste and a substantial burger for a chain. I don't consider their burgers any better than In 'N Out or Original Tommy's or Fatuburger... just different.

          Regarding fries. I like steak fries best. Only place that serves those is Red Robin and they don't always cook them properly. In 'N Out fries are really good, hot and tasty for the first thirty seconds, maybe the first minute. After that, the heat dissipates and they seem stale to me. Five Guys fries... limp, soggy and brown. Brown? How in the world are they brown without being crispy? I don't get it. I've finally come to the conclusion that nobody ever gave Five Guys the recipe to make fries, yet that hasn't stopped them.

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          1. re: shamu613

            People who say In 'N Out has the best burgers are just as bad as people who think Peter Luger has the best steaks. I feel sorry for them. Some people really need to prove they've traveled around this great land of ours and tried everywhere before they claim a West Coast chain or East Coast dive produce ambrosia from the Gods.

            On my list of all-time best burgers, In 'N Out doesn't even make the top ten. Five Guys does, and so do its fries. Open your minds before you open your mouths.

            1. re: grimaldi

              I agree - I find it puzzling that people claim a chain has the world's best burgers. I admit I said the original Hard Rock in London had the best - but back then it wasn't a chain. I'd be willing to bet that there are a dozen restaurants in Vegas (Robuchon, Bouchon, Rosemary's, Sage) that could, on request, produce a way better burger than any chain.

              3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

              Hard Rock Cafe
              4475 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

              1. re: grimaldi

                Last night, I ate two In 'N Out Double Doubles. Next week, I may visit Original Tommys for a Double Chili Cheeseburger and the week after who knows. Tomorrow is likely to be a Fatburger day because I left my camera in my friend's Jeep and I need to run over to his house to retrieve it. He lives really close to Fatburger.

                All of those cheap fast food chain burger joints do a markedly better burger than Mickey D's or its ilk. I don't think I have ever judged any burger as "the best" as I like them all for different reasons as my mood and fancy strikes me.

            2. It is disgusting. Nice quality meat and thats it. Nasty nasty fries, gummy bun that is not even toasted, expensive for what you get. Lettuce and tomato are not fresh.

              Tried it twice and hated it both times.