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Apr 10, 2011 08:28 AM

Food scifi centered novel idea

I write for fun and so far no profit. But I've had this idea bouncing around my little head for at least six years. The idea is this food critics in the far future who go from restaurants to food festivals all over the galaxy. The novel will be humorous I hope gently poking fun at food writing, episodic in structure They'll be the adventure they have and the reviews/articles they write, also an exploration of food and culture. Good idea or bad idea?

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  1. Years ago I read a short scifi story about a culture obsessed with cooking - or rather with food synthesis. The judges in one competition were horrified to learn that a key ingredient in the winning entry was garlic - garlic that had been grown in dirt!

    1. I think that sounds very interesting, and could be a really fun read.

      1. All depends on the writing.

        1. I love the idea. You would be combining two of my favorite things, science fiction and food! Would the critics be traveling in just their present time, or could they time-travel to different points in history to sample the cuisine?

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            Just in their own time. They have a whole galaxy to explore!

          2. Captain Video was a food critic.