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Apr 10, 2011 08:11 AM

Small Plate Dinners in Montreal

Hi Chowhounders!

This week, my wife and I are driving into Montreal from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and are planning out what restaurants we want to visit. We've scoured the Montreal Chowhound messageboard and they had some really great suggestions from other users. We're both in our 30s, I am a teacher and am into antiques and scouring flea markets. I like to eat meat and vegetables; into microbrews but generally tend to eat healthy. My wife eats no meat, loves french macarons, pour over coffee and vintage Chanel. :)
We're going to arrive on Montreal this Friday (April 15th) through next Tuesday. We've already made a reservation at Au Pied De Cochon on Sunday and have been trying to figure out if we want to go to Le Fillet and Lemeac. Between the two, they both look extremely good. What do you think?
Also, we're looking for casual eateries where we can get small plates for dinner as we don't want to eat too many big dinners while we're here. We both like the eating experience we had in Spain where we ate small dishes with good wine. We'd love to have that same experience in Montreal. Are there any places that anyone can recommend with this in mind?

Thank you kindly in advace of your suggestions. I'm currently looking for French inspired bakeries and pasteries in Montreal.

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  1. For small plates you can't get any better than Le Filet. The cooking is pretty much flawless and they do a lot of fish and seafood. Other options would be Kaza Maza or Petit Alep for Syrian mezze, Pintxo or Tapeo for Spanish small plates, Kazu for Japanese izakaya style.

    1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

    1. Thanks SnackHappy! Le Fillet does sound really delicious and has a variety of seafood options for us. I think we're leanign more towards that restaurant for now. The other recommendations are great as well. Petit Alep has a great following and gotten some amazing reviews too. We'll have to check it out. We're staying in the Old City and are also looking at eating in some of the Mile End places as well.

      1. I just wanted to point out that if your wife does not eat meat, there is really nothing for her to eat at Au Pied du Cochon which extols in all that is meat. I mean, the chef, Martin Picard, just loves duck and pork and overindulgence (which makes it awesome for that occasional dinner but maybe not non-meat eaters)--have you not seen that Anthony Bourdain episode?! Anyways, just wanted to give you that heads up in case you don't already know, and that most restaurants here in general can be tricky for vegetarians; you will need to check every menu to see if there is something a vegetarian can eat because I would say that about 50% of, at least the French restaurants, don't have vegetarian offerings.

        For restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes, check these this recent thread:

        Bonne chance!

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          Hi Loosia,
          Thank you! My wife and i did check out the menu and she is fine with having a couple of the side dishes. I really appreciate her willingness t go there for me as I have been wanting to try the place for a while. We did also check out the thread on vegetarian places in Montreal and some of those places sound great to try. Thanks again!

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            If your wife eats fish she'll do fine at APDC. They always have at least one fish special.

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              My wife was happy to hear that! Thanks again!

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                If your wife eats seafood, she will be fine at most places - I can't think of too many that don't have any on the menu.

        2. For Spanish tapas, I'd suggest Casa Tapas; they have more vegetarian offerings than Pintxo or Tapeo, so there should be more variety for your wife.

          For bakeries, I love Le Fromentier in the Plateau and P√Ętisserie de Gascogne in the Mile End.

          Casa Tapas
          266 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1E6, CA

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            without going further afield for marcons you could pick up some at M cafe downtown (de maisonneuve and rue de la montagne, just above ste catherine) where you could also enjoy a coffee, probably have terrace in place now. The other choice downtown is birks cafe where but cafe is in the back of jewellery store so not much to see-they have a counter area to purchase their macarons and chocolates (named after jewels!).


            if you want to go a bit further there is point g , I like their caramel fleur de sel, melts in your mouth


            they wrote a book on macarons so might be worthwhile going there and would be cheaper than birks

            I have also bought macarons at o`macarons on bernard in Outremont but really just a little neighbourhood store