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Apr 10, 2011 08:09 AM

How do I store pepperoni slices?


I have a 10lb bag of pizza pepperoni slices from the wholesaler that was frozen. It's in my fridge now and thawed out. It's a nice pinkish pepperoni color.

But whenever I try to store thin cuts of meat, even in the freezer, they eventually lose color and start to smell when defrosted. I especially have this problem with pepperoni and thin cold cuts.

Can someone tell me how I can properly portion and store pepperoni? Looking back, I don't think I've ever had success in storing any kind of thin cut of meat. I do not have a food saver etc but would go out and get one if that's what it took.

Also a side question if i may..

I bought some pepperoni from Montreal. It smelled and tasted amazing when I made my pizza. I put it in the freezer. Took it out 4 days later to use on a pizza. And after it defrosted it TOTALLY lost it's odor and flavor and released way less juices. Almost completely. Can someone tell me why this happened?

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  1. i noticed the color loss in my frozen pepperoni, too. i think that pink/red color comes from some chemical additive that is used in lots of sausages. and also dye. i don't know why freezing removes the color.

    help us understand, o chemically-knowledgeable hounds!
    i notice that unopened packages of pepp slices don't lose color; however, once opened -- even if re-zip-sealed -- they do lose color. so…maybe a foodsaver would be a good investment. may i ask why you are buying 10 # of pepp at a time?

    1. I was going to respond with something smart a$$ed, like "in my belly" unitl I saw it was 10 lbs! Pepperoni never lasts long enough around me to be frozen. But I am real curious to see what kind of answers you get. Sorry it wasn't as good for you after you brought it home.

      1. Some cultures store their cured meats in jars of oil or lard. When cured meat is completely submerged in oil, it is protected from exposure to any air. Whole cured meats can be stored for months this way. I'm not sure about SLICED pepperoni out of its casing though.

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          Yes, the key is protecting the sausage from exposure to air. Mikedavid, you do need to invest in a Foodsaver or other vacuum bagger if you buy sausage or other perishables in bulk. Zip loc bags will not do.