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Apr 10, 2011 07:57 AM

Queso Grill in Lincroft

Has anyone heard about this restaurant? Any idea when it may open?

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  1. Looks like it may be open. I was driving by last night and the sign was lit up. I'll check it out later this week.

    1. Has Kimchi & Sushi closed? That's the same address (650 Newman Springs Rd)...

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        No, it's between K&S and Luigi's, where Curves was.

      2. It's not open yet. From what I could see of the seating it looks like it will be a Baja Fresh clone. Looks like it may be open in a week or three...

        1. Place is scheduled to open on Apr 27th. They didn't have any menus for me to post...

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            Thanks for looking! Did look like a Baja Fresh clone.

          2. Stopped by and managed to nab one of their Take Out menus. The guy who gave it to me sait it's essentially a draft, and there are a few mistakes with prices and wording (see if you nd one...), but it should give an idea of what they are shooting for.


            It does appear to be sort of a Baja Fresh type setting, but it includes a seriously kick butt Salad Bar.

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              Wow that is some menu!!! Making me hungary already!!! Need to get there in the near future...