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Apr 10, 2011 06:19 AM

Visiting Flanders - what genevers should I look out for?

I'll be visiting Flanders in June (Antwerp, Bruges, Gent) - also Brussels.
I'm a bit of a gin fiend and so am looking forward to hunting down some genevers to sample and bring home (I reckon I can manage to carry about 4 bottles - I'll be travelling by Eurostar).

Does anyone have any recommendations? Brands? Shops?
FYI - I hate sweet drinks, and anise flavours..


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  1. There is (or used to be) a genever-specialty bar in Ghent called t' Dreupelkot in the Groentenmarkt area (near the canal and the Castle). Across the canal, also near the Castle, the same people had a genever-specialty off-license. You can taste anything they have before you buy, and the prices are not excessive. The only thing I was unable to find there was a hop-flavored genever (which is around, but I just never managed to connect with it). The store I'm thinking of has a wide variety of genevers, both oude and jonge. It's worth visiting. There's a good beer bar and a restaurant also adjacent to t' Dreupelkot . Of course the beer destination in Ghent is the bar known as "the hop devil" which is between the trainstation and the old city center.

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      I recommend visiting De Vagant in Antwerp. It's a Genever bar with over 400 Genevers and has a Genever shop and restaurant (featuring food with Genever) next door. Check out to learn more about the history of Belgian Genever before you go.

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        Thanks for the recs - I'll try to get through a few of the 400 Jenevers and report back!