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Apr 10, 2011 05:56 AM

Recommendations for Family Friendly eats in Ft. Lauderdale staying at Marriot

We are staying at the Marriot vacation club on 21 South Lauderdale Beach Blvd. We are not renting a car, so will be walking or taking water taxi, etc.

Looking for family friendly places, outside dining/water would be nice but good food is more important. Seafood, burgers, mexican, asian, italian all good.

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  1. Via water taxi there are several options, most offering outdoor seating, reasonably decent food, and are used to accommodating families. Also, it would be a longish walk or a very short taxt ride but I highly recommend the ocean front dining at the Pelican Resort.

    Coconuts - Nice for sunset over the water, especially good for Paella on Tuesdays.

    Downtowner Saloon - Very enjoyable 20 minute ride up the New River for good burgers, a great Asian style seared tuna on a salad with ginger dressing, and a pretty nice version of steak and frites.

    15th Street Fisheries - Downstairs has good fish sandwiches and lots of hungry fish ready to gobble up a french fry. Upstairs is more upscale with nice views and passable but not spectacular food.

    Southport Raw Bar - Decent fish sandwiches, mini-burgers, & great raw oysters.

    Pier 66 - Rooftop Sunday Brunch is pretty amazing but somewhat pricey.

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

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      cheesey jalapeno bread at 15th street fisheries is the best.

    2. Try Market 17. Great food. For an bit of a different experience try dining in the dark at this restaurant.