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Apr 10, 2011 05:51 AM

Larry J's House of Q in Chelsea Satisfies Your Jones for BBQ

When you're hankering for some Q, nothing else will really do. And when you're tired of the usual spots, head (easily) to Chelsea to this terrific place where the brisket is fatty (trimmed if you want) and deliciously smoky all the way through. Sauce on the side, of course. Oh my. And when you order the pulled chicken, you get your cThe jerk pulled pork is hot but not too hot, and you will want to order more. Don't forget the meatless collards that are also vinegary and satisfying. Another side we tried was the candied yams and although Larry was mum on the ingredients that his talented wife brings to the dish, I'm suspecting cinnamon, clove and perhaps a touch of allspice. Not too mushy and full of flavor.

This is not necessarily your "fall off the bone" Q, but folks in the know realize that often chefs pre-boil their ribs to get them to that stage. Instead, Larry let's the BBQ fire do its work and the results are flavorful, toothsome, and some mighty fine finger food.

The place is a handsome high-ceilinged space (former car dealership) with lots of windows and when the good weather finally comes, some tables outside. There's butcher paper for plates and a potential liquor license in the works. It's light and airy and Larry's background music is 60's and 70's soul. Just right. They've even put in a child-height blackboard for kids to amuse themselves while the adults are seriously yumming it up. though this is also food that kids will want to dig in to. Plus, the place is spotless. My group agreed that we'd be back often and we hope that other Chowhounds will venture to Chelsea for this truly soulful food. You can see their menu at

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  1. Thanks for putting this on my radar. Always looking for good Q.

        1. you forgot to mention the fried pickles

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            Ooooo. Those fried pickles were great. Plenty of heat, good dipping sauce, nice crunch, and then that tangy vinegar jolt that gets you right in the back of your jaws. All in all one of those perfect foods done just right at Larry J's House of Q. Start off your meal with those and you'll be a very happy camper.

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              first of all; does chelsea allow people to byob? if not, then this question is pernicious and irrelevant.

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                  love learning a new word!
                  pel·lu·cid [puh-loo-sid]

                  1. allowing the maximum passage of light, as glass; translucent.
                  2. clear or limpid: pellucid waters.
                  3. clear in meaning, expression, or style: a pellucid way of writing.

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                    sorry, big words scare me. joke borrowed from another thread. On topic, Larry's sounds like a mixed bag. I'm beginning to bemoan the lack of a good slow and low southern BBQ place in these parts.

                    1. re: gourmaniac

                      jeez - no don't be sorry I loved it. I think barbecue hounds have high expecations after travelling to various regions - I have been to Texas and North carolina for back road authentic 'cue so a little spoiled. In all truth before I made those trips, i loved a lot of the barbecue hereabouts. It's also hard to set up really authentic smokers in urban settings I am still gald that folks keep trying and we have places to check out from time to time.

            2. I wanted to like it but my brisket was just dry with little fat and no smoke flavor. Great home made cole slaw and decent pulled pork but just not a wow experience. Larry himself is an awfully nice fellow and his wife is lovely and hard working. I hope they make it but I was disappointed.

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              1. re: Northender

                Gee...Ours was really nicely smokey and Larry says he's taken some heat from customers for serving brisket minus that delicious fat. So he's in an odd place, damned if he trims, damned if he doesn't. You can always ask him not to trim it and he won't and you'll be so happy. Participant diners ALWAYS get the better meal and Larry encourages it!

                1. re: SuzieCK

                  Thanks, I wll give it another try. The lack of fat was less an issue than the lack of smoke flavor. He is really a very nice guy so I want him to do well.